Your 15-Minute Resistance-Training Workout

Busy day at the office? Don’t fret. Research shows doing just 15 minutes of intense resistance training will elevate your resting energy expenditure as effectively as a moderate 40-minute session.


Quit The Crash Diets And Lost 46KGs

Find out how Brenda Radebe shed almost 50 kilos!


5 Weird Sex Toys You Have Never Seen

Experimenting in the bedroom can be tons of fun – and we’ve seen a fair share of weird sex toys here at WH. These however are just next level…

Deliciously Ella

Thai Coconut Curry With Chickpeas

Try Ella Woodward’s amazing Thai coconut curry recipe from her book, Deliciously Ella

Nike Find Your Fast

Steal Serena’s Hot Body Secret!

We love that Serena Williams is so confident, sexy and fit! Find out how she makes sure that she stays in shape…

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