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How To Get Shoulders Like These Celebs

Want red-carpet shoulders but don’t have extra time to spend in the gym? Use these swaps to sneak shoulder-sculpting moves into your existing routine…

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The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan On Life In The Real World

Go behind-the-scenes of Lauren Cohan’s Women’s Health cover shoot and find out how she copes with normal life…


Ryan Guzman Answers Our Juicy Sex Questions

We caught up with Ryan Guzman, star of The Boy Next Door. Here’s what he had to say about falling in love, dating and when a woman catches his eye…


Q: How Do Men Really Feel About Boob Jobs?

Ever wondered what guys really think about boob jobs? Our Guy Next Door has a good idea. Here’s what he has to say…

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How Do I Stop Eating More When I Exercise?

How do you make sure that exercising doesn’t make you eat more? Our expert Paola Wood has the answer!

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