From 105 Kilos To A Pageant Star?

It took Thando years to realise that she didn’t have to let low confidence control what she could do…


The Ultimate Lounge Workout

Who needs gym? You can do this super-effective bodyweight workout at home. In your pyjamas. While watching The Big Bang Theory* – and you’ll still get serious results.


Your Cardio Workout Without Running!

If you dread the treadmill, you’re in for a welcome surprise. Turns out you don’t need to run to get that heart-pumping, mood-boosting fix.


Homemade Upgrade: Quesadillas Minus The Bulge

Your favourite dish gets a healthy and delectable do-over. Try this quesadilla recipe tonight! Here’s how…


Is Junk Food Making You Depressed?

Reality check: that food you think will give you an emotional lift often leaves you down in the dumps…

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