The Skinniest Alcoholic Drinks?

Summer time equals festive time. The problem? Alcohol is not a good idea for that bikini body. Find out which drinks our dietician suggests you go for, to keep that flat belly…


Cardio Workout Without The Treadmill

This functional workout is a great way to get your heart racing and reap all the fat-blasting, health-boosting benefits of cardio without ever clocking time on a machine. Download now!


How To Measure Portion Sizes

Want to know the right way to measure the portion size of your next meal to get the balance right and lose weight? Use these tips…


The Best Exercise For Your Core

This core move does more than just whittle your middle: it engages the muscles in your shoulders, upper back, hips and glutes. Now that’s hard working!


How To Train For Urbanathlon

We’re taking part in the Men’s Health Urbanathlon! So we asked an expert how to prepare for this city obstacle race. Here’s how…

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