How Olivia Munn REALLY Lost All That Weight…

The world freaked when she lost weight. Here, July cover star Olivia Munn talks about what actually happened when she was preparing for X-Men…

weight changes

Why Your Weight Fluctuates

Wait, weren’t you lighter yesterday? Here’s why your weight fluctuates all the time. Can’t the scale ever just chill for a bit?


Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free Tart Recipe

What makes a tart recipe get to #1 on our list? When it’s free of bad stuff – and tastes good! This fig and almond tart is gluten-, sugar- and dairy-free.


Win With The #WHGetsFit Winter Fitness Challenge!

Calling all fitsters and aspiring fitsters: join the #WHGetsFit Winter Fitness Challenge and win workouts and the chance to be featured in the mag!

Patagonia Marathon

Six Races That Are Worth Saving For

WH’S resident runner and travel junkie, Thamar Houliston, rounds up the world’s best race-cations…start saving those leave days now!

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