App-rodisiacs That’s Spice Up Your Life!

Tapping into these lusty tools is the only time it’s okay to reach for your smartphone during sex!


Twist Your Way To Great Abs

Swap your oblique crunches for the Russian Twist and twist your way to great abs! Here’s how to do a Russian Twist…


Fake ‘The Whinge’ Hairstyle

Always envied Zooey Deschanel and Naomi Campbell’s shiny full fringes? Not all of us have the hairline to pull it off – or, more importantly, the cash. Here’s our hair solution!

spree fashion

Win With Next At Spree This Spring!

Spree has just announced their online partnership with Great British retailer, NEXT, via! To celebrate we’re giving away a R1000 shopping voucher with Spree…


5 Cardio Myths Busted

Cardio is great for stress relief and keeping your heart healthy but there are some myths floating around. Here are five of the biggest cardio myths…

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