sex position finder

Sex Positions For Every Day!

Heat things up with the WH Sex Position Finder, featuring a new position for every day of the month…


Dare To Try This Ab Move!

Is it the world’s craziest ab move? We sought out the single most difficult ab move on the planet. Dare to try it?

rope climb

Video: How To Climb A Rope

Rope climb your way to a hotter body this spring. Here’s how…

Zoe Saldana

Video: Get A Body Like Zoe Saldana

In the September issue of WH we feature Zoe Saldana who has a smokin’ body! Watch this video of her cover shoot with Women’s Health to find out her hot body secrets!


Win In Our Birthday Issue Selfie Challenge!

Everyone loves a selfie! Over the next few months we’ll be asking you to submit your selfies for the magazine in the #WHSelfie challenge. Details here…

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