woman doing the 5 minute fat blast workout

Blast Fat In Five Minutes With This Workout

VIDEO: Got five minutes? That’s all you need for this home workout quickie. We’re all about a shortcut that allows you to work smarter, rather than harder.

The pill and your health

The Crazy Thing You Didn’t Know The Pill Could Do

Seriously? The pill can do what? Besides ensuring that you do not fall pregnant before you actually plan to, researchers have found another pro.

Fit Night Out poster

Get Excited Because Fit Night Out Is Back!

If you missed out on the first Fit Night Out and you’ve been waiting for the chance to get yourself a ticket, now is your time! Listen up…

Detox drink with lemon

Are Detox Diets And Cleanses Really Good For You?

Some say a detox can help you slim down and get rid of toxins, while others are of the opinion that it’s one of the worst things you can do for your health.

A list of food that fights spring allergies

17 Foods That Fight Spring Allergies

We have the answer to all your allergy woes. Work these foods into your diet and you won’t need all those meds. Leave spring allergies in the dust.

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