The pill and your health

The Crazy Thing You Didn’t Know The Pill Could Do

Seriously? The pill can do what? Besides ensuring that you do not fall pregnant before you actually plan to, researchers have found another pro.

salted caramel cups

These Salted Caramel Cups Are Seriously Devine!

While chomping on bag full of chocolates isn’t exactly part of your healthy eating plan, these ‘clean’ salted caramel cups definitely can be.

Two balls of wool to represent his crown jewels

10 Things You Should Never Do To His Crown Jewels

In the interest of preserving testes everywhere, here are 10 things you should never, ever do to his crown jewels

No need to take a break from your fitness routine when you go on holiday, thanks to this high-intensity beach workout.

HIIT The Beach Workout

Heading to the coast? No need to leave your fitness routine behind – this high-intensity beach workout is the perfect holiday exercise blitz

Fit Night Out poster

Get Excited Because Fit Night Out Is Back!

If you missed out on the first Fit Night Out and you’ve been waiting for the chance to get yourself a ticket, now is your time! Listen up…

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