Hot-Body Breakfast: Grapefruit Yoghurt

It’s time to get that bod in shape for the beach. No excuses! Have this yoghurt and grapefruit parfait for breakfast and beat the bulge!


Today’s Workout: Get Ab-licious In 4 Moves!

As the winter fat melts away, it’s time to show off your muscle. Tone up with these moves, designed to target your abs and core.


Fitbride Workout Plan Month One

Shaping up for your big day? Copy our fitbride Kirsty Carpenter’s moves and drop dress sizes like her! Download the first month’s moves here…


Your Flat Abs Diet Plan This Week!

Spring is coming! Make sure you action your flat-abs plan with this abs diet this week. The whole day’s eating comes to 6268 kilojoules!

sex position finder

Sex Positions For Every Day!

Heat things up with the WH Sex Position Finder, featuring a new position for every day of the month…

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