Natural Remedies For Dark Circles

Packing some luggage under your eyes? Here are some useful tips to get rid of those dark circles naturally…

strawberry smoothie

Strawberry Glow Smoothie For Your Skin

Try this healthy skin smoothie from Teresa Cutter of and author of 101 Ways To Lose Weight and The 80/20 Diet…

sex couple

The New Sex Slang You Must Know!

Here’s the new lingo that every self-respecting sexplorer should know…


Jessica Alba’s Six-Move Home Gym Plan

A-list trainer Ramona Braganza lets us in on Jessica Alba’s 20-minute at home routine. Do 20 reps of each (alternating legs and arms) and you’re done.


App-rodisiacs That’s Spice Up Your Life!

Tapping into these lusty tools is the only time it’s okay to reach for your smartphone during sex!

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