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The Experts

Bongi Tshiqi

Our Fashion Guru: I generally love all things fashion but I have to admit, I have a particular weakness for well-made, well-fitting, uniquely-designed dresses. Nothing can make quite the statement that a beautiful dress can when paired with the right accessories and occasion. Most important fashion rule? Be comfortable! There’s nothing worse than a woman who’s constantly fidgeting in her clothes…

Celeste Naude

I’m a registered dietician with a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and I work at Stellenbosch University, researching nutrition-related health issues – especially issues that affect public health and chronic diseases. I also work in the area of “knowledge translation”, where we help people to also use research evidence when they make important decisions about healthcare. I love what I do because it feeds my enquiring mind and my job is diverse and challenging. Nutrition is a complex science, and with on-going research we are constantly discovering more about eating, doing and being, which ultimately can be used to improve our quality of life.

Helen Clemson

Beauty Editor: For over a decade I’ve been lucky enough to lay my hands on the latest launches, meet the industry’s pros and devour all things beauty – and it’s such fun! My fallback tips? Tired skin should never say no to blush, there’s no such thing as a “summer” or “winter” fragrance (just wear what you like) and I’ve yet to find a miracle cure to making my hair grow faster!

Tudor Caradoc-Davies

The Guy Next Door: There's no beating around the bush (and I am not talking about my beard), let's get real. No fluff just the truth as I tackle all your boyfriend/husband/man problems from the Guy Next Door's point of view. Follow me @TheTudorCD