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20-Minute Stress-Busting Cardio Workout

Posted on: by Thamar Houliston

Got 20 minutes? Try this cardio workout from human performance expert Dr Michael Meyers, that can be done on a bike, on a pavement or in a pool – it’s your choice!

Do It

1/ Warm up for three to five minutes at a conversational pace.

2/ Accelerate to a speed that has you almost winded – you can speak only in spurts
of a few words – for 20 seconds.

3/ Return to your original speed for one minute.

4/ Continue alternating 20-second sprints (each a bit faster than the one before) with one minute recovery in between.

5/ When you can’t keep up the pace of your previous sprint, begin reducing the intensity a smidge. Complete a total of 10 sprints.

6/ Cool down for two minutes at an easy pace.

Make It Harder

Each week, extend your sprint bursts by 10 seconds or reduce your recovery time between intervals by 15 seconds.

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