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Back In The Swing

Posted on: by Joy Niemack

Inspired by Wimbledon to pick up a racket? Watch out for tennis elbow, an overuse injury to your elbow’s tendon that can strike up to half of recreational players, according to a new research review in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Bad technique is often to blame, says Dr Mark Kovacs, executive director of the International Tennis Performance Association. Follow his tips for a safe and powerful stroke.

1. BUILD STRENGTH. Strong triceps, forearms, and shoulders help absorb the (Build strong triceps by doing this workout).

2. BETTER YOUR BACKHAND. When you’re reaching across your body to prepare for this stroke, be sure to keep your elbow parallel to the racket, rather than in front of it. Leading with your elbow is a major risk factor for injury.

3. TIME IT RIGHT. Focus on having the ball and racket make contact just in front of your body never next to or behind you.

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