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Poll: Are You Normal?

Posted on: by Women's Health

We’re all individuals but sometimes it would be nice to know – just for informational purposes, not because we’re insecure – whether anyone else experiences the same bizarre stuff we do. Take our poll and find out if anyone else experiences what you do.

Look out for our October issue where more will be revealed.

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Got something to say?

  • Candice.R

    Oh please dont listen to those women who claim this poll is harmfull. I love the idea it is great to know that there are women out there that have the same issues. It was great to see, for example, that there are other women out there that dont want children either, you see I thought I was a rare case haha. I think this poll is uplifting for women and that the people who complain bout it obviously dont understand what you are trying to achieve here, they’ve completely missed the plot.

  • Lesedi

    i think am normal i cant wait to see results

  • Lesedi

    not all of questiions relates to me

  • Jacky Senekal

    Normal? Its a relative statement. What might be normal for me can be abnormal for the next person and visa versa. If you feel comfortable with yourself, are not harming or offending anyone with your actions, well then I shall say you are normal.

  • Anonymous

    The normal and abnormal questions are great and could relate to a lot o them! Thank you so much! And thanx for giving advice on how to handle them, especially if there isn’t really anyone to go to. Love it:)

  • http://www.1sttime2010.wordpress.com Jennifer Thorpe

    It saddens me to see you encouraging women to classify themselves as ‘normal’ or ‘abnormal’ instead of celebrating women’s differences.

    Your choice of questions is a reflection that you have already put women in boxes that are ill fitting and unhelpful.

    This magazine has the power to shape women’s perceptions of themselves, and polls like this only continue to create the idea that women must fit in particular categories to be acceptable to society.

    Normal does not exist and it is your responsibility to change the idea that it does as a woman’s magazine. You have the power and I hope you begin to use it more wisely instead of just reflecting american or british ideas of what it means to be a woman.

  • Suzanne Holtshousen

    See what Jennifer Thorpe says it is not just me. People are sick and tired of “fake” people are starving for something with substance and reality. Maybe the editor is still in her fashion magazine mode. Let me come and work for you I will give you lots of real stuff to publish,…

  • Thamar Houliston

    Wow you’re so quick to judge – this poll is just a taster for what’s to come in our October issue, where we’re doing an article on how we’re all individuals but sometimes it would be nice to know – just for informational purposes, not because we’re insecure – whether anyone else experiences the same bizarre stuff we do.

    Questions are for instance, “my one breast is smaller than the other other, am I normal?” Many women may be ashamed of the fact that they are ‘quirky’ in this way but through this article they may become aware that they are not the only one that may be different in this way and we’re not saying different is bad.

  • Ads

    Thamar, I suggest you ignore the comments completely as I don’t think these ladies totally “get” the point of this exercise. It’s also called market research and gives editors more insight to specific topics at heart. I support WH a 100% and think all your articles are absolutely great and it has certainly helped me to start loving the person I am. Motivated me to eat and live a healthy lifestyle. I have a long road to my goal weight but WH helps me to stay positive xxx

  • Thamar Houliston

    Thanks so much Ads

  • narcnatasja

    Think this is going to be a great article! I believe there are many women who would like to know how they relate to others especially considering that there are certain things we dont like to discuss. Looking forward to the next issue!!

  • Ads

    Only a pleasure Thamar! Can’t wait for the next issue of WH

  • Bunny007

    Could not relate to all Q’s

  • Anonymous

    Liked the qyestion about being friends with my siblings had they been strangers….never thought about it before.