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What To Wear To A Winter Wedding

Posted on: by Bongi Tshiqi

Of late, more and more people are opting to tie the knot over the winter months instead of the usual festive season wedding period that we’ve all grown accustomed to. The only glitch here is that a lot of women aren’t entirely sure how to dress up for a winter wedding while still keeping warm. So I’ve selected a few gorgeous dress options from the Spree store along with my suggestions on how to wear them, so that you still look sexy but don’t freeze to death! Click on the pictures to get prices and more info on the items.

The Simple Long-Sleeved Dress

The plain, long-sleeved and figure-hugging dress is your best bet when it comes to a winter wedding. However, you might think that they’re a tad bit dull – something you would wear to the office and not really a special event. Actually there’s a lot you can do here. This is the perfect dress to accessorise and wear with that beautiful coat. Go for statement heels, interesting jewellery and jackets or coats that stand out. Experiment with different colours and prints and you’ll see the difference it’ll make.



The Layered Dress

You could also go for a more detailed frock, but please remember that this means toning it down with the accessories. For example, if you’re wearing big earrings then leave the bracelet at home. These dresses are best worn alone, so rather wear a warm top underneath instead of adding outerwear. If you are going to go for a coat though, choose an understated one. You don’t want to take attention away from this dress.




 The Maxi Dress

These are ideal for winter weddings. The only problems are that it’s hard to find one that’s a) not too casual and b) doesn’t make you feel frumpy. Choose more detailed dresses (interesting collars and fabrics) for a dressed-up look and add a belt to give you some shape.  Don’t go overboard with the prints when purchasing maxi dresses, the simpler the pattern, the better.



Suit Up

Instead of wearing a dress you could go for pants. Make sure that they are formal though or you will appear too casual. Women clothed in traditionally male gear is a big trend at the moment, why not embrace it by going for a suit? Add some heels and a bright lip for sexiness. You could also opt for a statement maxi skirt and dress it up a beautiful blazer. Statement jewellery is perfect for this look as it will stand out more against the black.



 Main image courtesy: www.image.net


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I generally love all things fashion but I have to admit, I have a particular weakness for well-made, well-fitting, uniquely-designed dresses. Nothing can make quite the statement that a beautiful dress can when paired with the right accessories and occasion. Most important fashion rule? Be comfortable! There’s nothing worse than a woman who’s constantly fidgeting in her clothes…

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