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  • Anonymous

    This website has most types of food and their full nutritional information…

  • Alisson16

    This is a great help is you are on a diet.I like the products from CandyDirect.com rock candy and it would be interesting to see which snakes from the list above can I eat in order to keep me away from my favorite sweets and also preserve my weight.

  • amyweare

    How about biltong or air popped popcorn?

  • Anonymous

    Where can I find a list of foods and what calories they contain?

  • Thamar Houliston

    Hi Amy, I am asking our expert and will get back to you.

  • Thamar Houliston

    Celeste Naude our expert says, these are fine in the right quantities

    So for a low-kilojoule snack:
    40-50g biltong (ostrich or game is lower in fat. If you prefer beef, the Woolworths Beef Moist Sliced Biltong is a good beef option).
    1 cup air-popped popcorn

  • Jaenine

    Thank you very much for this great advise, tips and where to find.

  • Anonymous

    Hi there
    I free low-fat flavoured joghurt in the ice tray, making ice-cube size “frozen joghurt” dessert for something sweet after dinner. One or two cubes is perfect to settle the sweet craving. Not sure on the nutritional value after freezing though, but it’s really tasty. Even froze the Double Cream Lemon Curd joghurt from Woollies …. AMAZING! (more calories here though)

  • http://www.shapeyourlife.co.za Bev

    Thanks, these are great to add to our suggestions at our Weightloss Challenge groups.

  • Pearl

    Wow thanks, I had completely forgotten about the sugar free version of Hot Chocolate, especially now that winter is on its way.

  • Corne Maree-Butler

    Where can I find a list kilojoule content for general food items?