5 Time-Saving Smoothie Hacks That Are Total Game-Changers

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Food & Nutrition

We can all agree that smoothies are the ultimate grab-n-go meal: they’re perfect for breakfast, as a snack, or a quick post-workout refuel. Luckily making one doesn’t need to be a time suck. These smoothie hacks will help you whip that delicious drink in half the time!

The fastest way to get a smoothie in your hands is to… buy one, right? Sure, but your wallet will end up hating you and your waistline won’t be happy either (like, do you even know what goes into your fave triple chocolate power shake?). The solution? Make it yourself.

But, let’s get real. Sometimes there just ain’t no time for that — especially in the mornings — because you’re rushing out the door, or like us, you’d rather get an extra 15-minutes of snooze time in the mornings.

So, say hello to the smoothie hacks that’ll help up your smoothie game in a time crunch. Ready, steady… get your blenders out!

1/ Freeze those greens

The worst thing about buying all that kale? Most of it just ends up wilting in the fridge and you have to bin it. So save money (and time) by freezing them instead. Just portion your greens out into labelled Ziplock bags and then you can grab your greens whenever you need them. See ‘ya later, soggy spinach!

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2/ Ice, ice baby!

Move over H2O! Rather use your ice tray for freezing coconut water, almond milk or soy. Not only will this add essential nutrients to your smoothie it’ll also add flavour. Plus, you don’t need to measure anything out… all you’ve got to do is grab 5 blocks and you’re ready to blend.

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3/ Think ahead

Why not just make a week’s worth of smoothies in one go? Just pour the contents into freezer-friendly jars or containers and store. Defrost your smoothie in the fridge overnight and then just shake it up before drinking.

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4/ Bag it

Hey, they say ‘preparation is the key to success’… and that truism definitely applies to your breakfast smoothie. If you don’t want to make a bunch of smoothies in advance, just bag all your ingredients instead (including liquid ingredients). In the mood for a banana berry shake today? No, problem. Grab that smoothie pack from the freezer, dump the frozen contents into the blender and bingo! Smoothie done in 10 seconds.

And the cleanup? There’s a time-saving hack for that too…

The WORST part of making smoothies is the cleanup. Well, forget washing that blender by hand. Simple squirt some washing-up liquid into your blender, fill it up to the half-way mark with water and turn it on. A few turbo-charged pulses and a quick rinse later, your blender will be sparkling clean.

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