8 Bright And Colourful Dildos To Brighten Up Your Alone Time

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Sex & Love

Dildos: the unsung heroes of the sex-toy realm. Often overshadowed by their vibrating counterparts, it’s easy to forget about all the perks that a dildo offers. For one, you never have to worry about charging it because there are no batteries involved. This means it’s always ready to go – no planning ahead needed!

Dildos can also be a lot less intimidating for first-time sex toy users because there’s no need to study an instruction manual before you get into it. They’re super-simple and easy to use – you just put it in and move it around until you find what works for you. They’re perfect for G-spot stimulation.

They’re also really versatile – you can attach them to a harness for hands-free fun or use them like any old hand-held. Or you can get a double-ended one which is great for girl-on-girl play. What’s really great is that they come in a rainbow of colour options – here are our favourites:


Fun Factory Share Strapless Double Dildo, Desir.co.za

Details: 16cm, double-ended, perfect for girl-on-girl fun, harness compatible, G-spot dildo, silicone.


Lelo Ella Dildo, PassionFruit.co.za

Details: 19cm, double-ended, made from silicone, G-spot dildo.

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Malesation Red Barney Dildo, Matildas.co.za

Details: 12.5cm, G-spot or anal dildo, suction base, soft silicone, ridges for extra stimulation.

Fun Factory The Boss Dildo, Desir.co.za

Details: 17.8cm, G-spot dildo, ridges for extra stimulation, suction base, harness compatible.

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Fun Factory Amor Dildo, Desir.co.za

Details: 12cm, suction base, perfect for beginners, G-spot dildo, flexible, but firm, silicone.


Aqua Quartz Dildo, PassionFruit.co.za

Details: 16.5cm, suction base, PVC material, flexible, but firm.


Ultra Double Dong, PassionFruit.co.za

Details: 43cm, super-soft jelly, firm, but yielding, double-ended, perfect for girl-on-girl play.


BS Atelier Green Apple G-Spot Dildo, Matildas.co.za

Details: 13.5cm, hand-crafted, flexible, G-spot dildo, harness compatible, hypo-allergenic, phthalates and latex free.

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