This Gourmet BBQ Chicken Recipe Will Change Your Lockdown Cooking Game
We're all missing restaurants... So why not treat yourself to a gourmet dish at home? Call it self-care cooking!

May 21, 2020

BBQ Chicken Lockdown Recipe

Chef Jason Whitehead is here to teach you to cook like a chef while you’re under lockdown! He created a digital cookbook logging the recipes he created at home – fit for any gourmet kitchen — and is now sharing them with you… For a good cause.

For years, Jason has supported the Streetscapes NGO. “Fifty percent of all my Lockdown Cookbook sales will be donated to Streetscapes, which will result in close to half a million rand if we reach the goal of selling 10 000 copies,” he says.

The cookbook

“The cost is just R99 a copy,” says Jason.”The e-book is a witty, very real and honest story of a chef in quarantine, packed with over 30 recipes and pictures of each dish.” So that’s a month’s worth of recipes for you to try your cheffy hands at!

Here’s a brief extract from one of the pages:

“Decided to weigh myself this morning… Big bloody mistake! Not too surprising though, as I find myself in the kitchen at least 8 times a day, with no actual reason for going there. And it’s only day two. I had a feeling this would happen to be honest. But not putting too much pressure on myself as I ease my way into this new way of life.

Mood: Hungry. All the time!

We can totally relate to that! All we do is cook! One of the countries most successful chefs, Liam Tomlin, backs up the book by saying: “Great easy recipe for a great cause!” Yes, please!

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Cook for charity

“I have been supporting Streetscapes for years and as they have very little in terms of funding, I thought I could utilise this time in lockdown to raise some much-needed funding for them. I know this is a difficult time for all of us, but at least most of us have a roof over our heads and food in our fridges. The homeless community have neither,” comments Jason.

What is Streetscapes? “It’s a ‘hand-up’, not a handout” says their site. Streetscapes offers street people caught up in the criminal justice system and addiction a second chance. It creates work opportunities that are rehabilitative and reintegrative. The programme provides this vulnerable population with a real opportunity to rebuild their lives.

Jason has shared one of the recipes from his book with us here at WH, so that we can share it with you. And help spread the word.

For more info and to buy the book, click here.

Also check out Jason’s instagram for more foodie inspo. How good does this mushroom recipe below look? Also found in the cookbook!

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