11 Kitchen Items Our Food Editor Can’t Live Without

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Food & Nutrition

Gorgeous wine glasses? The perfect paring knife? Clever, make-your-life easier gadgets? I’ve put together a list of my top foodie toys – some I already own, some I’m still ogling after (hint, hint). If you’re a foodie like me and love getting creative in the kitchen, or if your significant other is (PS – it’s never too late for a V-day spoil!), then get ready for some food porn.

1/ Victorinox serrated paring knife

I have four of these in my household and I use them all the time and have for years. They never seem to go blunt! And they’re the best for chopping all kinds of veggies and tricky salad ingredients like soft fleshy tomatoes. Just getting one will change your life. Remember to stock up on plasters though. From R99 for one.

2/ Large silicone spatula

I have a few of these because I do a lot of baking, but they also come in handy when you’re quickly whipping up some eggs of a strir-fry in a non-stick pan (no need to worry about scratching the pan). Red is my fave colour, so I’m naturally drawn to this Colourworks Spatula, R159.

3/ Nutribullet

I have the 900W and it is fabulous! I made a smoothie this morning with it. I whip up pesto with it. I make deliciously icy margaritas with it. You name it. Just no hot goodies. Although the new Nutribullet RX High Speed Blender with Heating Function can warm up your soup as you blitz it. The 900w is from R2 299 and the RX is from R3 999.

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4/ Electric hand-held blender and whisk set

… with many other attachments. You need the hand-held blender for quickly blitzing soup, the whisk for home-made mayo and the food-processor attachment for date ball mixture, hummus and baba ganoush. Investing in one of these sets is so worth it! Braun is a great brand and they have many options of sets, ranging from R879. This one is from R1 379.

5/ Le Creuset mugs

The stoneware cappuccino mug (200ml) is the perfect size for an at-home coffee and the new colourways are gorgeous! The chiffon pink and new ‘sorbet’ colours are beautiful. From R219 per mug.

6/ A nifty chopping board *WANT

So I don’t yet have this particular chopping board, but I want it! I’m quite clumsy, so a bit of chopped onion, red pepper, cabbage – you name it – always falls on the floor or counter. I need a board that can fold like this! I have another Joseph Joseph chopping board and trust the quality of the brand. This 2-in-1 folding chopping board (which also doubles as a colander for rinsing – see holes), is from R399.

7/ Stemless wine glasses

Perfect for red wine or whisky or a gin and tonic, these stemless glasses are elegant and I’m less likely to knock them over than their tall-stemmed friends. I love the Lead-free Crystal Authentic Casual Stemless Red Wine Glasses, R399 for 6.


8/ Silpat Silicone Baking Mat

If you like playing with baked treats: making brittle, moulding chocolate, crisping pizza, making biscuits or meringues or even roasting veggies, this silicone mat will become your best friend as it’s super non-stick. It’s so easy to clean and you’re less likely to actually burn what you’re baking. Totes worth it, from R269.

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9/ Smeg stand mixer

Any foodie household needs a good stand mixer. I’ve always loved the retro look of Smeg’s appliances and for my 3oth birthday I got a red stand mixer from my family. I adore it. Mostly because it looks so pretty on display and I have a matching red Smeg kettle… From R8 399.

10/ Decanter

Yes, it’s a bit show-off-ish and not entirely necessary. But they’re so pretty! And if you have an older vintage of red wine that you’re keen to crack open, the general rule is that the wine should air one hour for every five years before you drink it. Firstly, I certainly won’t wait an hour after decanting a bottle, but it’s a lovely way to display wine on a table and get your dinner party guests to guess what they’re drinking (weeding the snobs from the real winos). I love the classic shape of the Vivendi Decanter from R699.

11/ Large Cast Iron Pot *WANT

My eleventh item is still on my wish list. Maybe one day I’ll get it as an extravagant birthday present that all my friends and family pitch in to buy me. And it must be red. The Le Creuset 6.7 litre signature cast-iron cocotte is my most coveted oven dish. It can be used for casseroles, roasts and any large one-pot dishes. It’s perfect for stove-top cooking too and retains heat, so it keeps on cooking even when the stove/oven temp is lowered. It’s beautiful to serve out of too. Freezer and dishwasher safe. From R4 549. *sigh

All products are available countrywide from Yuppiechef.co.za

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