Do The Most This Christmas Dinner With This Festive Vegan Pie

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Recipes

If you’re vegan and have been to a few Christmas dinners, you might know the torment of having nothing to eat, except maybe the green salad (if your cousin remembered to leave out the feta). And while you’re more than happy to make and bring your own dinner… What exactly should you eat when everyone is going all traditional and eating turkey and gammon and roast potatoes? I have the answer: a festive vegan pie.

Last year I decided to go full Christmas and make my favourite tomato tart recipe into a Christmas tree pie — these puff pastry trees pop up every year and for good reason, they’re easy to make, but look complicated so everyone marvels at your unsurpassed baking prowess.

Antonia's Raw Stoneground Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

You can fill this vegan pie with anything you fancy, from your favourite pesto dotted with cherry tomatoes to chocolate spread and marshmallows, if you want to go the sweet route (did you know you can buy vegan marshmallows from My favourite combo is this thick tomato sauce with basil. Here’s how to make a festive vegan pie.

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