9 Must-Have Gym Bag Essentials Every Fit Girl Needs Right Now

by | Mar 2, 2018 | Fitness, Style

Whether you’re a gym aficionado or thinking about joining one, everyone needs a great gym bag packed with all the essentials. Well, we have got your back! From tights to the ever-important dry shampoo, we searched high and low for everything you’ll need to be ready to kick butt before and after your workout.

1/ Leggings

You’ll definitely need a bottom that won’t ride up during aerobics class or accidentally expose your butt when you’re squatting. Try these Reebok performance Women’s Workout Ready Reversible capri’s. They are breathable and have speedwick technology that will keep you dry and cool during your sweat sesh, the best part — they are reversible!

2/ Vest

Whether its a crop, tank or t-shirt, you’ll  want to wear a top that allows you to move freely during exercise classes. Check out this cool Under Armour Muscle tank that will have you looking like the boss that you are.

3/ The Right Shoes

A good shoe is vital to any workout. Wearing the wrong shoe can cause discomfort and injuries. You”ll need a shoe that will absorb shock while doing explosive moves and offer stability during weight-training. Give these Adidas Performance CrazyMove Bounce a try!

4/ Supportive Sports Bra

No one wants to worry about their breast juggling around during a workout-so a supportive sports bra is a must. A good supporting bra will prevent juggle and protect the girls when you’re killing those burpees and jump squats. The Puma performance PWRSHAPE will help minimise bounce and ensure that your girls are covered!

5/ Water Bottle

You’ll need a drink, preferably water (save the wine for later) to keep hydrated during and after your workout. This one has an infuser so that you can add some lemon or cucumber to spice things up a bit!

6/ Dry Shampoo

Okay, so you slayed your workout, but now you stuck with gym hair, your solution — dry shampoo! It saves water (looking at you Cape Town) and time for when you’re in a rush.


7/ Wipes

The gym showers are filled and you have a meeting in 15 minutes! No worries, just wipe down with these and you’ll be fresh in no time. These are especially formulated for babies, meaning they are gentle on the skin, offer extra moisture and will leave you smelling baby-fresh.

8/ Sweat Towel

You’ll need a towel for when you’re sweating it out and in need of a clean up. You’d want to go for something that’s absorbent and soft. Try this one, it comes with a zip pocket to store your keys and other essentials you’d want to keep close by.

9/ Bag

We can’t forget about a gym bag for your essentials!

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