This Is Why We’re All Still Talking About Fit Night Out Joburg

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It’s been two weeks and we’re still all about the throwbacks to this year’s Fit Night Out Joburg, which rocked the Montecasino Outdoor Events Arena on 18 August. It was the tenth Fit Night Out and it did the milestone justice and then some. This is what went down on a day that felt like high summer in the middle of winter. And why you do not want to miss the next one!

Fit Night Out

The magic hour

All. The. Fit Night Out. Gees.

What happens when you get a 3 000-strong lycra-clad fit fam together, add rocking tunes into the mix and give them a line-up of fun workouts led by SA’s hottest trainers? Pure magic, that’s what. We may have brought the Fit Night Out show, but Jozi made it come alive.

Fit Night Out

We love our Jozi fit fam!

The latest adidas shoes to try

You know how you buy a pair of running shoes only to find they pinch your toes three steps in? adidas had a fix for that. At Fit Night Out, you could not only try a pair of shoes on for size, you could take them for a sprint in a challenge with major adidas shopping vouchers up for grabs! And if you weren’t up for sprinting under the Jozi sun, you could challenge your workout buddy to a fast feet competition and win cool merch like sustainable water bottles and performance socks.

Fit Night Out

Run for your money!

Bottomless Powerade

The Jozi heat had no chill, but our friends at Powerade had our backs with an endless supply of ice-cold Powerade Zero and water to keep everyone at Fit Night Out hydrated. They kept us entertained too, with Melody Miya hosting the hydration breaks and dishing out prizes to anyone who was up for a challenge.

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Fit Night Out

Melody Miya pumped up the Powerade Hydration Breaks.

Someone won a Honda for the weekend!

For the first time, Fit Night Out  was officially driven by Honda and the WH team felt like rockstars cruising around Joburg in branded Honda HR-Vs for the weekend. But it wasn’t just the team who got to ride in style. One lucky ticket holder won her own weekend Honda experience and you could hear her shrieks of joy all the way from the back of the arena to the stage!

Fit Night Out

How hot are these Honda cars though?

Prizes and games

Fit Night Out wasn’t all about the action on centre court. There was so much happening on the sidelines, you needed to be there three hours before to do it all (and loads of people were!). You could try your hand at virtual reality boxing with Powerade, get your souvenir snaps (and all the delicious healthy snacks!) in the Montagu photo booth and look out over Fourways from the top of the Danone climbing wall.

Fit Night Out

Got a head for heights?

Virgin Active’s Grid Games station was a chance to challenge your friends in feats of fitness and get your name to the top of the leader board with prizes up for grabs.

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Fit Night Out

Let the Grid Games begin…

Time to chill

With so much on the go, a girl needs to take a break and the L’Occitane chill lounge was the place. And if you were feeling like a hot mess, you could head over to the Garnier refresher station where you could spritz and recharge before rejoining the action. GynaGuard was also on hand with samples to take home and try. The Kotex Fit Night Out inspiration wall was your chance to set an intention for greatness… and win some awesome hampers!

Fit Night Out

Swinging into spring like…

Veggie ice-cream

There was no shortage of delicious healthy food to fuel those muscles. Danone’s delicious, creamy, protein-packed yoghurt was the business pre- or post-workout. Montagu’s date balls and snack packs were the perfect in-between nibbles and the Fry’s vegan kasha smoothies were perfect for taking the edge off without making you too full before the next round of Fit Night Out workouts.

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Fit Night Out

Smooth sips

But if the hanger was real, McCain had yummy meals for sale and veggie ice-cream for dessert! Ice-cream with vegetables? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Butternut and orange ice-cream is the new summer favourite you haven’t tried yet. Trust us.

Smoking-hot line-up

Fit Night Out started hot, with QueenFitnass herself, Mapule Ndhlovu, who got the crowd hyped up and took us through a workout with the Honda skipping ropes we got in our goodie bags. Did you know you can do a full-body strength workout with just a skipping rope? Now you do.

Fit Night Out

Roping in the gains

Next up, 2019 Next Fitness Star Nomawothi Bafana got our endorphins pumping before Veena Sukha from Bollywood Fitness Cape Town brought fun moves and the most feel-good soundtrack.

Fit Night Out

Fitness, Bollywood style

Virgin Active launched their brand new Active Bands workout at Fit Night Out, with international trainer Jess McKee, all the way from the UK. Plus, they made sure we all got bands in our goodie bags so we can keep training at home. Mpho Kunene had the crowd jamming with his amazing signature Pantsula dance workout.

Fit Night Out

Pantsula dance fitness: A workout born in Africa

As day turned into night, Takkies had us loving our beautiful bodies and popping our booties before the SWEAT 1000 finale ended the night on a loud, sweaty high.

Fit Night Out

Takkies bringing all the body-positivity goals!

All the fitness goodies

The Fit Night Out goodie bags had everything you need to keep your fitness going all through spring, including the nifty drawstring bag itself, a Women’s Health workout vest and magazine featuring the Next Fitness Star’s train-anywhere workout, an adidas sweat towel, Powerade squeeze bottle, Honda skipping rope and Garnier deodorant to freshen up afterwards. There were even Montagu snacks for after your workout and if you need yet more inspo, a ticket to Fibo Africa.

Fit Night Out

UK trainer Jess McKee taught us creative ways to use the bands in the goodie bags.

Be Part Of The Action!

So you missed Fit Night Out Joburg? Or you were there and loved it so much you want to do it all again? Good news! We have loads more events lined up. Check them out here.

Watch the official Fit Night Out Johannesburg 2019 video:

Fit Night Out

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