This Healthy, Seasonal Winter Dessert Is Going To Impress Pretty Much Everybody
Self-confessed home cook Jan Kohler's recipe for saffron-poached pears is perfect lockdown comfort food. Healthy dessert comin' up. 

June 10, 2020

poached pears

Thanks to lockdown we’re equal parts obsessed with dessert, with home cooking and with healthy, seasonal ingredients. Self-confessed home cook Jan Kohler’s recipe for saffron-poached pears ticks both boxes. Healthy dessert comin’ up.

Home cooking (and that includes healthy dessert) starts here

Jan is a mom of three and avid home chef. Today, you’ll find her at home in Jozi, but she grew up in a small mining town in the North West Province. She attributes her love of cooking to her upbringing here, where she was involved in the kitchen from a young age, thanks to her dad and step-dad, who were passionate cooks, and her grandmothers.

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In her first cookbook, Pink Gin and Fairy Cupcakes, Jan says she’s all about helping even the most inexperienced home cooks to create delicious meals and treats without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank. Her new book aims to make healthy, homestyle meals a reality for all families, prepared with affordable, sustainable ingredients that are easily obtained from the local supermarket.

All about seasonal ingredients

When asked what her favourite ingredient is, Jan admits she loves canned Italian tomatoes  – they’re a staple pantry item in her home and included in many of her book’s recipes… But is is her stunningly simple dessert that we have our eyes on!

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As Jan says of her poached pears: “This is the dessert to bring out when you want to impress. Beautifully fragrant and light, it’s perfect after a big dinner party.” The gorgeous deep golden colour of the dish is thanks to the addition of real saffron, which is packed with antioxidants, much like the pears in this dish too.

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