Healthy Oat Cookies Perfect For The Whole Family

by | Dec 24, 2018 | Recipes

Shazia Gaffar, aka @Shazeats is a food guru who whips up tons of healthy, delicious dishes in between running, cycling, swimming and Pilates! She is also one of our #WHNextFitFoodie Top 10 contenders. Follow her on insta for loads of foodie inspo!

“These healthy oat cookies have a sweet and spicy fragrance that give you the festive, holiday feel. The shops are filled with mince pies and this always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that the year has finally come to an end! It’s time to be merry, recoup, relax and chill. These are not made with conventional butter and sugar, but rather with peanut butter and coconut sugar. It’s healthier, tastes so good and best devoured dunked in a cup of tea after a run!”

“Nothing makes me happier than running and baking!”

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