This Comforting Vegan Aubergine And Chickpea Curry Will Boost Your Immune System

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Recipes

I am a huge fan of dietician Jess Sepel and all the amazing work she does at JSHealth — including her healthy vegan recipes.

Due to the rise in popularity in plant-based diets, Jess has created a vegan meal plan. So, if you’re thinking of going vegan (check it out here). Jess also put together this very handy article on how to thrive on a vegan diet (read it here). Some of her top tips include things like:

  • Incorporate smoothies into your diet for extra protein and nutrient kicks.
  • Include more sea vegetables such as nori, soy, tempeh (one to two times each week) and dried shiitake mushrooms to up your vitamin B12 intake.
  • Eat dark leafy greens like spinach, plus lentils, tahini, nuts and blackstrap molasses to up iron levels.

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Why I think this vegan recipe is so great

  1. Looking for a delish desk lunch? Make extra of this recipe to pack for work. Just keep the greens separate and add all together once the rest of the ingredients are heated.
  2. The curry powder, tomatoes and kale are all super immune-booster foods. If you’re looking to boost your health through the transitional season, pack these in.
  3. You get three sources of plant protein here: chickpeas, nuts and brown rice. Plus, there’s plenty of gut-healthy fibre to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

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Get your hands on Jess Sepel’s new book

Get more healthy vegan recipes in Jess Sepel’s new book: The 12-Step Mind-Body-Food Reset. “This book is the culmination of everything I’ve learnt so far about health, nutrition and well-being over the past seven years laid out in 12 steps. It’s a handbook that contains all the answers I wish I had when I was struggling with things like body image, sleep and anxiety. It’s backed by countless hours of consulting and research.

The 12-Step Mind-Body-Food Reset

“I want people to be able to hold on to this handbook forever. And use it to remind themselves that they’re not alone in whatever health issue they’re dealing with. This book is inspired by my beautiful community. They ask me thoughtful questions every day, and I wanted to pool all the resources I had to answer them!”

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