“My Weight Loss Journey Inspired Me To Become A Personal Trainer”

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Weight Loss

When mom of two, Kobaschni Kim Naidoo, realised that her weight was making her feel the “worst [she’s] ever felt”, she decided that it was time for a change. Little did she know that her weight loss journey would change more than just her body- it would spark passion, determination and the courage to love herself. Here’s her story…

Kobaschni Kim Naidoo

Occupation: Stay at home mom, and fitness and nutrition student

Age: 35

City: Shelly Beach, Margate

Weight before: 68kg

Weight after: 57 kg

Height: 153

The time required to reach current weight: 2 years

The secret weapon to her weight loss: Self-love. You must first love yourself enough to care for its wellbeing

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The Gain

Kobaschni says that she was someone who could eat whatever they liked and would never gain weight but that all changed after the birth of her children. “With baby number two, I had gained 21kg’s during my pregnancy. From being 52kg’s I went up to 73kg’s. I guess the slap chips and a chocolate a day cravings had to go somewhere,” she says. Add in the delicious foods of her Indian heritage, and the regular takeaway meal and you’ve got a recipe for steady weight gain that eventually left Kobaschi feeling at her “worst”.

The Change

“I remember the first time I went shopping after my pregnancy, I put on a dress to wear for a wedding I was attending. It was at that moment, I can still picture myself looking and feeling at my worst,” she explains. This triggered Kobaschni to have a few weight loss attempts but it was only when she and her family moved to KZN that she made determined effort to drop the weight. “I started to realise that I was not getting younger, some of my closest family members that were around my age were already on chronic medication and were not leading healthy lifestyles. I guess that fear got to me that I could be next and what could I do to minimize mine and my children’s risk. I had to set the right example for my kids,” explains Kobaschni.

The Lifestyle

Planning became an essential part of her Kobaschni’s day. She would wake up before her kids so that she could get in her daily exercise, she also invested in a fitness watch to track her steps. “Take note that housework and playing outdoors with kids also burn calories,” she adds. Her daily workouts consisted of cardio like running on the treadmill, High-Intensity Interval Training, yoga, and strength training. She also made sure to change things up so that she wouldn’t get bored.

As for the takeaways and high sugar snacks, Kobaschni completely gave them up. As Kobaschni progressed in her weight loss journey, she felt inspired to study fitness. She says that the knowledge she learned during that time helped her to make better food choices such as ensuring that she was eating three nutritious meals and two healthy snacks a day.

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The Results

Fast forward to 2020, and Kobaschni is doing better than ever. She is currently studying nutrition in the hopes of helping other people meet their health and fitness goals. Add in that she’s also a qualified personal trainer, it’s safe to say that her weight loss journey changed her life. “I felt more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve gone from a size 12 to a size 8. My fitness levels have improved. I am much healthier both mentally and physically. I was once the woman who was afraid of personal trainers and now, I am one! I have learned so much through this journey and met such amazing people. I found my passion for fitness and I have inspired so many. This has made me more open to sharing my story. I am overwhelmed by the positive that has come out from my journey. Everyone needs a year of YES! You might just surprise yourself,” she exclaims.

Kobaschni’s Tips

  • Make healthier choices: “Eating consciously, meaning consume foods that are good for the mind and the body. Make meal preparation healthy and exciting. Avoid processed foods. Seeing a dietician is highly recommended if struggling to lose weight. Water is life, make sure you get enough of it”.
  • Start slow: “Fitness and weight loss is not an overnight process. We sometimes jump into extreme diets and workout routines too quickly. This in many cases results in people quitting soon after. The momentum will gradually increase as your fitness levels improve. Remember these things take time and after all, you are creating a happier healthier you”.
  • Keep moving: “Whether it’s cleaning, playing with kids or dancing while you prepare dinner. You are still burning calories”.

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