This High-Fibre Low-Carb Burger Will be All You Want To Make This Week

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Recipes

Ahhhh — a low-carb burger! Not exactly what’s top of mind when you think “fast-food treat”, am I right? We all love takeaways — but how can we get that “fix” and still keep it healthy? Below are some of my tips for making healthy burgers. Or any fast food for that matter…

Say no to empty calories

My trick for making “fast food” healthy? Packing in more nutrients and taking away “empty calories”. When it comes to burgers, the first thing I do is remove the bun. It’s the easiest way to make a low-carb burger. But I hear you moaning: “bunless is boring!” Is it even a burger if it’s bunless? So we replace that white bread roll with something much healthier (and has the same shape): large mushrooms! And while you can spend R90 on Banting flour and then make your own bread, I think this is much easier, tastier and more affordable. I recommend getting these “mushroom steaks”, available at Woolworths.

Homemade burgers are better than fast food

Remember this: takeaway spots will try produce the most for the least cost, which means a lot of the foods are high-carb, high-salt and high-sugar for flavour and filling factor. When you start putting your health first, you will start thinking about what you’re putting in your body. Even if your local takeaway offers a low-carb burger option, what are you actually eating? Making your own food at home means you have more knowledge and control of what you feed yourself. Which means you can make healthier options than what you would buy in a store or at a takeout place.

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How to make your healthy burger delicious

If you think about what makes a meal amazing, it’s the flavour and the texture. No need to smother in salt when you have fresh zest, herbs and good-quality fresh ingredients. Then you want a combo of soft, creamy, crunchy, chewy to satisfy all those taste buds. This is why I think burgers are so popular, because they offer all of this in a neat little package. With the recipe below, you’ll see how I incorporate flavours and textures to create a satisfying dish that ticks all the boxes.

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The ultimate low-carb burger recipe

This low-carb burger is full of fibre, high in protein and will give you that craving satisfaction. Make it veg! Check out this amazing recipe: Meat-Free Monday Quinoa, Black Bean And Chickpea Burger and simply replace the chicken breasts in this recipe for this veg one. Or get yourself a Beyond Meat vegan patty (also available at Woolworths).

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