12 New Perfumes That Will Leave You Smelling Heavenly All Day Long

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Fragrance

Here, the latest perfumes for summer that will stand the heat and have you smelling hot all day.

Nothing annoys more than spritzing on a perfume in the morning and it vapourising into absolute nothing by the afternoon. Not this season! Get on the cutting-edge with our editors’ picks of the fragrances that’ll last and ones you should buy right now. From fresh notes to spicy scents, woody varieties and floral potions — we’ve got the ones that’ll have haters complementing you. Scroll down to find one (or two) that just might be your future signature fragrance.

perfumes gucci bloom

Gucci Bloom (from R1335)

A balanced boquet of jasmine, tuberose and honeysuckle — that you’ll never tire of. This fragrance finishes fresh and light. Perfect for those who like floral scents but don’t want to smell like a flower shop. The bottle is perfect for display lovers. Available at Foschini.

perfumes chanal gabriel

Chanel Gabrielle EDP (from R1745)

A gentle floral, with orange blossom and jasmine – these notes come together to create a beautiful clean and classic (not heady). This not an ordinary scent – as it settles it smells lovelier. Even though it’s a very sunny solar happy fragrance, It’s a scent that’s not exclusive to any season. Warning: it’s an addictive scent. Available at Woolworths.

perfumes stella pop

Stella McCartney Pop Bluebell EDP (from R815)

It’s sweet and fruity but not overly so, it’s more refined. Floral but not too sweet, delicate yet distinctive. Very millennial scent. All you have to do is mist this all over and you’ll feel girly and happy with a slight sexy edgy. Available at Woolworths.

perfumes poetic embrace

Poetic Embrace EDP (R225)

This is a fresh, fruity garden locked up in a bottle. It has a touch of mandarin, melon, blackcurrant and bergamot. It exactly in your face but certainly leaves an “I was here” statement. Crisp and sharp. Available at Clicks.

perfumes The Body Shop

The Body Shop White Must L’eau EDT (from R285)

An easy day-to-day subtle scent of a musky combination of sweet pear and lily, jasmine and rose. Perfection if you’re feeling light hearted and easy. Imagine if you’re wearing a no-fuss fresh outfit — spritz this on to match. Available at The Body Shop.

perfumes abercrombiw

Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Woman EDP (100ml, R1095)

Three spritz is more than enough to get a whiff of this floral fruity fragrance. Top notes of sun-kissed magnolia, uplifting grapefruit zest, passion fruit and wild orange flower will linger through to the next day. Available at Foschini.

perfumes L'Occitane

L’Occitane Terre de Lumière EDP (R1450)

This scent starts off aromatic and citrusy but changes into a sweet and almost almondy finish. It’s not candy-floss sweet but rather a warm unforgettable floral sweet. There’s a depth to this mature fragrance: you could buy this for mom. Available at L’Occitane.

perfumes jimmy choo

Jimmy Choo L’Eau EDP (from R895)

You feeling flirty? This one is going to draw some compliments on first spritz. This is a floral scent with a fruity peachy dry down — unfortunately it does not last as long as the others above but smells so good we had to put it on the list. Available at Foschini.

Perfumes bvlgari

Bvlgari Splendida Rose Rose EDP (from R1500)

The minute you spritz this on, your mood will change. The rose, blackberry and mandarin orange notes make this a easy yet sophisticated fragrance that will evoke good feels. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness and floral. Trust us people will stop you and ask what you’re wearing. Available at Woolworths.

perfumes coach

Coach EDP (from R795)

A modern rose, sweet, pink pepper and pear fragrance that will linger for days. In fact if you put this on most won’t forget it. It’s light, joyful fruity floral — it could be a day date fragrance. Beautiful to wear! Available at Woolworths.

perfumes elizabeth arden

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue Uptown EDP (R495)

Fresh floral woody musky scent that will attract the opposite scent. For someone who is poised and polished — and looking for a fragrance that’s quite distinctive. Available at Woolworths.

Perfumes jean paul gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal EDP (R1230)

This fragrance holds no punches! It’s sweet and fruity and vanilla, it’s quite sexy. For the bold woman, who’s going on a night — it’s perfect for those who want to turn heads for sure! It’s not subtle… if you couldn’t tell from the scandalous bottle! Available at Foschini.

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