We Just Tried 9 Kinda Scary Lipstick Shades — Here’s Which Ones We’d Buy

by | May 7, 2019 | Make-up

We love new lipstick shades! To start with, we laid out every shade of Yardley’s latest StayFast lipsticks and had the team pick their choice – with a catch: Pick a shade (or two or three) that you wouldn’t normally wear.

The lippies were divided out and the testing began! Here’s what Team WH learned about mixing up their pouts.

Chandre Davids, digital journalist

“I’m usually one for plum and berry shades, so trying out a brown lipstick was a bit daunting. But I actually ended up really loving it! I think the colour suited my skin tone, felt hydrating on my lips – rare for a matte lipstick – and made me feel more elegant despite the fact I’m in a jeans and T-shirt.”
“I don’t wear pink lipstick – ever. This raspberry shade was a good way to dip my toe in the pink waters. It popped on my brown complexion and felt like a good introduction to bright shades.”

Gina Beretta, digital editor

“Initially I thought this colour would be waaay too dark for me — but I was so wrong! The deep shade is sultry and perfect for a night out. Plus, the colour didn’t budge (not even after two cups of coffee).”

Susan Barrett, digital managing editor, and Leigh Cann, art director

Susan: “I’m a pale-pink lippie fan purely because I am so pale… and no one has ever told me I look scary. So it felt like a bit of a risk trying the more plummy Yardley Stayfast Blush. It’s darker than I’m used to and definitely draws attention to my lips. But, surprisingly, it suited my skin tone. (I’m not just making that up – people said so.) I love the creamy texture and would defs wear it out at night – and soften it slightly in the day with the Lip Lustre Lipgloss and a pat of the paper towel.”
Leigh: “I tried the Yardley Stayfast RED. I love that this stays on through a gym workout, and feels velvety soft, unlike some stayfast lipsticks that feel thick and dry… Initially I thought it had too much of a pink undertone for me, but I really love this colour – and have had several compliments so far!”

Leigh Champanis-King, Senior copy editor and sex editor

Lip shade: Vixen

“I’m not a lipstick girl, but this bold colour went a long way towards changing my mind. It’s the perfect shade for a night on the town when you want to exude confidence and attitude. It glides on smoothly and won’t budge easily.”

Lip shade: Ultraviolet

“Because I have such a pale complexion, I always struggle to find a hue that doesn’t wash me out or completely overpower. Ultraviolet really worked with my skin tone and gave my simple jeans and tee office look a bit of a sophisticated update.”

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Sinead Martin, senior beauty and fashion writer

“My mum always reminds me to apply lipstick. She is not about a nude lip, nor is she about a dark shade. Despite having spent many years testing and reviewing various lip colours, I always hear her voice in my head and revert back to pinkish shades with a mauve undertone. Needless to say, seeing myself in this plumberry shade is going to take some getting used to!”

Lip Shade: Plumberry

FYI: the Stayfast Lipsticks are long-lasting and waterproof. Plus they contain vitamin E and natural antioxidants, which help to keep your lips moisturised. We all agreed that the soft and creamy application was made super easy thanks to the neat applicator. The collection is available in a wide range of shades (16 to be exact), each with its own excellent colour pay-off and a semi-matte finish. The best part? At just R130 each, you can afford to purchase a few!

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