How To Make Your Fave Nachos More Weight-Loss Friendly And Affordable

by | May 5, 2020 | Recipes

Making the perfect tray of nachos comes down to a few essential elements: crunchy nacho chips, a spicy salsa, good guacamole and melted cheese. It’s a combo of the right textures (crunchy and soft) and flavour (zesty, spicy, creamy). Here’s how to get your fix of tasty, yummy nachos… And not only make them healthier — but save money along the way.

Less money, fewer calories

The two most expensive elements of a tray of nachos is the meat and the cheese. So to save some cash — and lessen your calorie intake — we’re going to give you a recipe for a spicy black-bean and tomato salsa. The great thing about this spicy bean salsa, is that it’s delish on toast or with a bowl of rice. So it’s versatile and affordable. Bonus!

Then, instead of grating a whole block of cheese over your corn chips, we’re giving you a vegan “cheese” sauce recipe. It’s much lower in calories and made from veggies. We promise it’s going to work. Trust us!

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Nacho know-how

Other great add-ons for your tray of nachos: crunchy lettuce or baby spinach; fresh coriander for extra flavour; a squeeze of lime juice for extra zest; and of course the right kind of nacho chips! We love the Organic Santa Anna Corn Chips (gluten-free), which you can find at Wellness Warehouse.

Tips for making great guac: use ripe creamy avos (in season right now!) and mash them with a fork. Add a little salt, pepper and lime juice. You can use lemon juice if you don’t have limes. If you’re using two medium avos, use the juice of two small limes. Mix in some finely chopped coriander leaves. This combo goes perfectly with the nachos video below. If you’re serving the guac as a standalone with some corn chips, add in a small, very finely chopped garlic clove and one small, very finely chopped chilli. Flavour bomb!

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Vegan cheese sauce

Below is the video on how to make the vegan “cheese” sauce, what else you need to add into your mix and how to assemble everything. The ingredient list for the “cheese” sauce is simple: one potato, one carrot, four tablespoons unsweetened soya milk (we used Alpro), nutritional yeast, garlic flakes, salt and pepper and fresh lemon juice.

Watch this quick video for the vegan cheese sauce recipe and how to layer up those nachos for maximum flavour! This video also uses the Black Bean Salsa recipe below.

Here, you’ll find your ingredient list and recipe for the Vegan Black Bean Salsa. It’s really easy to make and keeps well in the fridge.

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