9 Women Share Their Tips On How To Lose 10kg, 20kg, 30kg

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Weight Loss

If you were to Google ‘weight loss tips’ you’d get well over 500 000 000 results. From fad diets to tips from the professionals, we’re all searching for the secrets that will melt the kilos away. While it’s great to get tips and tricks from the numerous online articles, it’s a lot more motivating to get weight loss advice from women who’ve been through their own weight loss transformation.

Here’s some insider info from 9 women who’ve battled the bulge and won!

Derushka’s Tips

Derushka lost 35 kilos and went from overweight mommy to personal trainer. She now spends her days helping other people transform their life and their body.

“I Lost 35 Kilos And Now I’m A Personal Trainer”

Make a change: “If you are not happy with the body you’re in, start by making the change and commit to yourself. Show up, don’t cancel on yourself,  join the gym or a class and find what awakens your physical body”

Just move: “Honestly, just move more”

Be aware of what you eat: “Eat consciously and eat well. Make better food choices and feed your body with good nutrition, just be more aware of what you put into your body and make sure it’s beneficial to your goals”

Kelly’s Tips

Kelly lost over 30 kilos and went from overweight suburban mom to runner suburban mom extraordinaire.

“I Lost 36 Kilos When I Started Running and Eating Low-Carb High Fat”

Be patient: As we get older, it just gets harder. Weight comes off slower. My advice is to work on it daily, know that the choices you make right now will have long term effects.

Have reasonable expectations and goals: I like to give myself little goals initially. Like, lose 2kgs a month, its not huge weight. But if you continue with that, realising that the time, days and months go on regardless, in 6 months time you would have lost 12kgs!!!

Make it sustainable: No point in making yourself miserable with an eating plan or exercise plan that is not going to work long term. You have to work with the time and resources available to you.

Pippa’s tips

Pippa went from yo-yo dieter to losing 47 kilos.

“From Yo-Yo Dieter To Losing 47 Kilos — Here’s How I Finally Did It”

Start slow: “When starting the process, take it one meal at a time, and then one day at a time. As this needs to become a permanent lifestyle change, you can’t rush in seeing big results. It’s a process and you need to be patient. If you can do this, the rewards are so worth it.”

Have a realistic goal: “Set realistic goals that you feel you can achieve. For example, if you have 50kg to lose, don’t look at the big number, but rather break it into smaller segments – set your first goal to lose five kilos, then work from there.”

It’s never too late to start losing weight: “My sister asked me if I regret not starting this process earlier on in my life, and my answer was ‘no’. I replied that if I had reached the end of my life and hadn’t got this weight thing right, I would have regrets, but I don’t regret getting this right at the age I am now, because my head is obviously in the right place.”

Nicolette’s Tips

Nicolette started running and lost over 30 kilos.

“This Is How Running Helped Me Lose Over 30 Kilos”

If you want it, work for it: “I hear women complaining about wanting to lose weight, but they don’t do anything to begin. If you really want to, you need to make a plan.”

Start now: “Don’t wait for Monday or next month. There will never be a right time. The sooner you start working on your goals the sooner you will achieve them.”

Have faith: “Never stop praying, pray through the days when you feel like giving up. I prayed so much throughout my journey, especially when I wanted to give up. And having a goal in mind I still pray for God to help me. Keep in mind that your body is a gift from God. What you do with it is your gift back.”

Sinesipho’s Tips

Sinesipho lost 15 kilos through commitment and finding a support system.

“I Lost 15 Kilos And Now I Feel Healthier Than Ever”

Get a support system outside your immediate circle: Get a therapist, personal trainer or join a weight-loss support group. You need to have people who understand what you are going through and can support you. Working out and eating clean is the easy part — dealing with your daily emotions is the hard part.

You are allowed bad days: The important thing is to start again. It’s not necessarily about chasing a specific goal, but more of an overall lifestyle change.

Don’t ditch the scale: It’s important to track your progress. And keep yourself accountable if you want to reach your goals.

Lizea’s Tips

Lizea lost over 100 kilos after drastically changing her lifestyle.

“This Was My Secret Weapon For Losing Over 115 Kilos”

Enjoy the journey: “This is an amazing experience.  You can see how beautiful life is when you don’t limit yourself”.

Have a goal: “Find your purpose, and you will find the courage to help you reach your goals”.

Believe in yourself: “If you think it, you can reach it”.

Mathapelo’s Tips

Mathapelo lost 17 kilos and discovered her abs in the process.

“I Lost 17 Kilos And Got The Abs Of My Dreams”

Be your first priority: “That way you will never compromise your well being just to please someone else. You will always stick to your plans and not let anyone try to disturb your journey”.

Stay and own your lane: “This is not a competition, the only person you are competing with is yourself. Prove to yourself that you will do it no matter how hard it is. Do not compare your progress with others”.

Always challenge yourself:  “Introduce yourself to new things — it makes workouts fun, and you will always look forward to going to the gym as you are not doing one thing all the time. Make sure you don’t put pressure on yourself, because it will make you hate the gym. Just take one step at a time and always know there is a room for improvement, so don’t be too hard on yourself”.

Mandy’s Tips

Mandy hit the road running and lost 30 kilos.

“I Lost 30 Kilos By Making These Simple Changes”

Be Patient: “It takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight”

Be Kind to Yourself: Don’t be so hard on yourself

Don’t stop: “Don’t give up. I tried several times before it actually worked”.

Thobekile’s Tips

Thobekile lost 64 kilos the ol’ fashion way of good nutrition and exercise.

“I Lost 64 Kilos By Using This Well-Known Weight Loss Method”

Have a team: “Get friends, colleagues and family members to walk the journey with you. The journey is better and easier when you do it as a team.”

Keep your head up and give yourself a pat each time you reach a milestone: “Dropping weight is your own individual story, so write it and write with a smile. Be patient with yourself – it’s not just the body, but the emotions and psychological challenges you have to overcome. Go for it.”

Document your journey: “ It’s amazing what comparing before and after picture does to your confidence. It also encourages you to push more after seeing what you’re capable of. Most importantly, before pictures remind you where you come from and what made you start in the first place.”

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