How Healthy Is Your Pee? Take This 10-Second Test To Find Out

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Health

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It’s World Toilet Day – and you can tell a lot about your health by simply scrutinising your next piddle! So, how healthy is your pee?
Gulping gallons to get “hydrated”? Not so fast, says dietician Sarah Batchelor. “Eight glasses per day is an arbitrary number and everybody has individual requirements,” she says. Check below to see where you stand. See any weird changes? Check in with the doc, like now.
So, take this 10-second test to find out how healthy your pee really is…


“The hydration level is full to the max, and intake is just excessive. It also leads to over working of the kidneys,” says Betchelor. It could also lead to dangerously low sodium levels.


“This can be an indication of kidney problems,” says Batchelor. See your doc, ASAP.
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Bright, lumo yellow

Taken any multivitamins? “Urine is usually bright lumo yellow due to the vitamin B 
in the vitamins,” says Batchelor.

Pale yellow

You’re A-okay! Keep drinking, but only when you’re thirsty.
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Dark yellow

A sign of dehydration. Time to get sipping.


Unless you’ve eaten some beetroot, it could be blood. Get it checked out.
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