5 Career Lessons From Leandie du Randt That Will Help You Crush It In 2020

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Cover Star

Leandie du Randt looks happy and confident on the Jan/Feb cover of Women’s Health. Yet, at just 31, she’s experienced more than most, with the loss of her mom in 2014, and her high-profile divorce from singer and fellow actor, Bouwer Bosch, at the beginning of 2019. But instead of letting these hardships throw her off course, Leandie has a renewed clarity sense of purpose. Here are five lessons she shared with us to help you reach — and own! — your goals.

Your qualifications don’t dictate your path.

Leandie has a B Comm honours degree in industrial psychology and a background as a psychometrist. But Leandie has never stopped learning and growing. And her long list of accomplishments goes well beyond the scope of what she studied. She’s an actress, TV show host, motivational speaker and owns two businesses — Tobe Giftboxes and  Skoonma Clothing. “I don’t like being bored,” Leandie says. “In this industry [acting] you’re always waiting. I couldn’t sit and wait for work to come in, so I thought, what else can I do with this platform?”

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Have a strong, clear vision.

Leandie is a firm believer in vision boards. She believes that visualising what you really want is the first step towards achieving it. And she has a clear vision for her own life. “The vision I have in my life is to bring joy and inspiration to people’s lives,” she says. “Whether it’s through my talks, through my acting, through my businesses. That’s the main thing.”

Find what makes you want to work.

Leandie has a lot on the go, but although her life is a constant juggling act, she feels like she has never worked a day in her life. “The thing is, it’s discipline,” she says. “You need to want something very badly. You’re going to want to put in the effort. If you don’t feel motivated, then you’re not in the right place.”

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Surround yourself with the right people.

Leandie runs Tobe Gift boxes with her brother’s wife and started Skoonma Clothing with her former mother-in-law (hence the name) handling the production process on the clothes. She has a tight circle of immediate family and close friends who act as her sounding board and help her stay focused on what’s important. “I wouldn’t be where I am without my team, my ‘solid,'” she says. At work she has a trusted network, from her customer-services right hand (“my hoofmeisie”) to the vendors and suppliers she carefully selects. “Choosing the right people to work is key,” she says.

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Be true to yourself.

“I’m a recovering people pleaser,” says Leandie. “I used to take things too far and start changing myself to suit other people,” but she’s learnt the value of holding on to you who you are. In her case, that’s someone who craves freedom and creativity.  “I’m a bit of a wild child!” she laughs. “I’m free-spirited — don’t try and put me in a box!”

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