7 Simple Ways To Lace Up And Become A Runner

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Fitness

To settle into a new routine takes 21 days but every single one of those days can be a slog. Use these quick tips to psyche yourself up  or trick yourself into hitting the road…

Run first thing in the morning

Getting up early for a morning workout can be a mission, but it’s totally worth the pain. Once your day fills up and you start feeling tired you’ll have more excuses not to head out.

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Set your running gear out the night before

Leave your running shoes, not your slippers, next to your bed. Seeing them as you open your eyes will guilt you into getting out of bed and not having to look for your gear eliminates another obstacle.

Run with a friend or join a running club

Knowing that people are waiting for you will make you feel obliged to show up.

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Buy some sexy running gear

Looking good and wearing an outfit you want to be seen in can be a powerful motivator.

Use an app

Preferably one that links to social media or its own online community. Tracking your progress over time and seeing others encourage you will inspire you to be consistent.

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Lie to yourself

Tell yourself, “I’m just going to run for five minutes, just to say I’ve done something.” Usually, once you’re out there, you’ll keep going.

Picture success

Have a clear image of what you want to achieve, whether that’s a pair of jeans in a smaller size or a race-day medal. Stick it up in your house as a visual reminder.

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