7 Dance-Inspired Workouts That’ll Seriously Increase Your Fitness

by | Mar 12, 2019 | Fitness, Workouts

Dance-inspired workouts. Aka exercises that don’t feel like workouts. Yes, they exist. We’re talking full-body burn, heart-pumping cardio and muscle-toning moves with dance-inducing music. Women’s Health recently teamed up with Planet Fitness, in association with USN, to bring a SWEAT Workout Party to 600 women. The turnout, epic. The results, sweaty. The day, unforgettable.

The Dance Floor

You couldn’t miss Nelson Mandela Square – it’s the one with the towering statue of Madiba doing the Madiba dance, and a fitting space for a sweat party. The atmosphere? Electric, as women clad in blue filled up the square readying themselves for some awesome workouts. Sneakers were a must – no one was denied entry to this party.

The Classes

In case you missed it, here’s the lowdown… With dance-inspired workouts, prepare to burn major kilojoules while you drop it like it’s hot. Some of the exercises are scalable — you’re moving on your own to the beat of the music — making the workouts doable at your own intensity level. Ready to slay your workouts? Check out some of the awesome classes (and their benefits). They’ll keep you coming back for more.

1/ Aerobics Class

This is not your usual step-touch class. We’re talking kick-ass cardio moves that will keep you on your toes: power grapevine moves, high knees and deep squats to loosen up muscles and joints and warm up the body. This class is best for those who want to improve mobility while getting the heart pumping.

2/ Boxing Class

Boxing is a killer way to up the ante of your monotonous cardio routine. It’s an all-encompassing body workout that sculpts and tones. With a few jabs, crosse and upper cuts, you’ll improve your reflexes – fast. And because there are minimal breaks you’re boosting your kilojoule burn too. Bring it!

3/ Zumba Class

This is a mix of low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, kilojoule-burning session. The fast music and high energy make it fun. In fact, you don’t even feel like you’re working – at least not until you feel sweat dripping off your face. It’s best for burning kilojoules as you’ll just keep moving. FYI: You don’t have to be a seasoned salsa dancer to pick up the steps.

4/ Brazilian Booty Blast Class

There’s a solid chance you’re going to get a toned AF booty doing this class. Brazilian Booty Blast focuses on the butt muscles through lower-body strength exercises, as well as cardio to firm and lift, while also working your core and legs. Plus: The energetic sounds of Brazil will keep you motivated. Squats turn into body rolls, body rolls turned into booty pops… Hello perkier butt.

5/ The Mix Class

Get ready to shake it and work muscles you never knew you had. You’re going to fire up all your muscles while you move to commercial music from the dance mecca of Los Angeles. This class will have you addicted from the first beat. Can’t seem to find your get-up-and-go? Taking this class might help. All positive vibes and fun. You’ll leave smiling and feeling much lighter.

6/ 50 Shades Fitter Class

Call the fire department — this HIIT workout, consisting of 50 exercises, is about to set your whole body ablaze. The 50 Shades Fitter class involves 50-second interval bursts that focus on particular muscle groups. We’re talking about intense toning and a serious kilojoule burn.

7/ Breakletics

A breakdance-inspired workout that’ll tighten your core and get your heart pumping? Yip, breakletics will do that. Here’s why: Every move a breakdancer makes engages their abs. This toning workout, combining functional training and core work, will have you looking like a seasoned B-girl! And don’t fret: The steps are easy to follow and there’s more emphasis on the workout side of things than practising of doing a headspin.

Seriously, dance-inspired workouts are where it’s at. You’d be crazy not to try one.

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