These Adorable Animal Instagram Accounts Will Totally Make Your Day

by | Aug 24, 2018 | Life

Animal Instagram accounts are silly. We fully acknowledge that fact, but – confession time — we also can’t get enough of them. After all, in the midst of deadlines, lift clubs and all the other chaos that makes up a normal day, sometimes looking at a pic of a fluffy little fox cuddling with her doggy best friend is as good a break for the mind as a gym sesh — and way less sweaty!

Here are five animal Insta accounts that are worth a follow.

1/ Lady Kady Anderson


SA tennis legend Kevin Anderson‘s adorable rescue dog travels the world with Kevin and his wife, Kelsey. The feed gives you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the life of the dog-loving pro tennis player and the cutest pics and vids of Lady Kady living the jetsetting high life.

2/ Mr.Pokee the Hedgehog


Kind of like Anne Geddes, but with a hedgehog. The African pygmy hedgehog fits into one hand and always appears to be smiling. He sometimes wears socks and hats, often pops up in unusual places and has a tiny teddy bear of his own.

3/ Juniper & Fig


Rescue foxes living with their adoptive family and getting up to all sorts of mischief.


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4/ My Best Friend Hank


This miniature potbelly pig from New Orleans has become such an Insta celebrity that he now does public appearances. Who could resist that little snout, though?

5/ Doug The Pug


The OG animal insta account with a bio that dubs him the King of Pop Culture, this cool pug has more than three million followers, a growing line of merch and legions of fans around the world. Recently he made headlines starring in a K-pop music video with South Korean boy band BTS.

“‪When u wake up and see u missed 1,000 messages in the group chat‬” -Doug

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And don’t forget…

The Dodo


Not the account of an individual animal, but it aggregates fun and hilarious animal videos from across the internet that never fail to make us smile. Like this dog joining in an outdoor workout class…

This pup is still working on a summer bod, too ?? (?: #jukinmedia)

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