“Dropping 10 Dress Sizes Has Been An Emotional Journey — Here’s Why”

by | Jun 15, 2015 | Weight Loss

For Basha Taylor, her weight loss has led her on an amazing journey.

“I moved from the biggest dress size in the garment rail to one of the smallest. But, most importantly, I now have the energy to play with my kids and go out with my husband,” says Basha.

BEFORE: 134kg
AFTER: 74kg
Height: 1.76m
Time Taken To Lose Weight: 18 months
Lesson Learnt: “Plan and act”
Secret Weapon: Exercise, healthy eating, sleep, lots of water and prayer

The Gain

Basha struggled to shake off the weight after the birth of her second child. Compounded by a pedestrian vehicle accident that left her with a pelvic injury, her weight soared from 114kg to 134kg. And her unhealthy diet didn’t help. She would go through a litre or two of cooldrink a day and fried meat, pap or rice and gravy were always on the menu.

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The Change

“I was on a mission outreach in Botswana and could barely walk to people’s homes because I got tired easily and felt out of breath,” recalls Basha. “I struggled with sleep apnoea, had abnormal mood swings and was irritated by the friction between my thighs.” She also had swollen ankles, incontinence, suffered from headaches and was constantly ill. The root of the problem was clear. “Being obese was a huge inconvenience and was expensive,” she explains. Basha cleaned out her fridge and cupboards and called a family meeting with her husband and sons to discuss her decision.

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The Lifestyle 

Basha began with slow walks on a treadmill. “I then started walking twice a day, morning and evening. Finally the weight started coming off and my gym, Planet Fitness Parklands, wrote me a letter to applaud my commitment.” This inspired Basha to keep going. As for diet, she kept it simple. “I ate lots of green leafy vegetables. I didn’t cook with oil. I baked or boiled my food,” Basha recalls. And, to keep herself in check, she kept a food journal.

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The Reward

Basha loves her new body and has a better appreciation of it, both inside and out. She’s less tired; in fact, her friends describe her as a ball of positive energy. “I’ve gone down 10 dress sizes, feel so much healthier and love inspiring others,” she enthuses. Her weight loss has given her plenty of confidence: Basha was a Mrs South Africa finalist and she overcame her fear of heights by going bungee jumping.

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Basha’s Tips

Jump in head first. “If you can dream it, you can achieve it. If you have positive thoughts, then half the battle is won.”

Keep good company. “Get rid of negative company. You need all the focus you can to invest in this lifestyle change.”

Have a healthy food relationship. “Don’t deprive yourself of anything. Eat… but wisely. Dish up small portions and enjoy the journey.”

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