Beginners 5K Running Training Plan And How To Crush It In Just 6 Weeks

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Training

If the thought of participating in a full-fledged running race seems daunting, starting with a five-kay run can be an excellent way to build confidence and ease into the world of racing. Not only does the shorter distance sound more achievable than a 10km or longer race, but 5km runs also tend to attract a fun-loving crowd of runners who value camaraderie over competition. Follow this training plan to go from couch potato to 5km runner in 6 weeks!

5k Training Plan

This plan, designed by fitness guru Amy Dixon, will help you build from a walk to running 30 minutes without stopping. Do all walking and running at an intensity level that feels challenging, but comfortable. Feel free to switch the rest day, but make sure you have one full rest day each week. And don’t forget to stretch.

Getting Started

Now that you have the plan, let’s look at starting out with a few basic items. Choosing the right gear can help you prevent running-related injuries and ensures the support and comfort you need on your 6-week journey. On your rest days, you can browse through the WH Tech and Gear section which is packed with expert advice, reviews, products and helpful tips.

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