This Simple Food Is Officially The Best Post-Workout Snack

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Food & Nutrition

Looking for the cleanest recovery snack? It’s probably sitting in your fruit bowl…

Snack Attack

Cardio queens, if bananas aren’t your best friend already, they’re about to be. They pack as much absorbable sugar as a sports drink to replace lost nutrients and have molecules that curb inflammation, says a new study. Recover faster with these tips.

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Embrace The Brown

Riper bananas have more sugar, meaning better fuelling and bounce-back potential. Spot-haters: the peel should be at least solid yellow, no green bits.

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Master The Dose

For workouts an hour or less, eat half a banana 15 minutes before and after your sesh. If you’re going longer, eat a half every 20 minutes.

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Make It A Combo

Consuming a banana with an antioxidant-rich fruit (like blueberries) may increase its inflammation-fighting perks. Mix them in a smoothie.

Really Don’t Like Bananas?


Look for a packaged snack made from natural ingredients and free from refined sugar. This Luv Sum Pick-Me-Up Cashew And Coconut Naked Protein Ball is a combo of high-quality protein, unsweetened coconut and crunchy cashews, packing antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and heart-friendly fatty acid. Alternatively, make your own oat protein balls.

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