9 Of Your Favourite Celebs Share Their Thoughts On Body Confidence

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Life

Let’s face it, we all deal with the insecurity monster from time to time. Whether it’s wishing that we were a little bit smaller or that our thighs weren’t as jiggly — we’re not always loving the skin we’re in. Unsurprisingly, your favourite celebs face the same issues. Being in the public eye can be pretty daunting as you constantly have people judging your appearance, so they’ve had to build up unshakeable confidence.

We chatted to 9 of some of South Africa’s leading ladies and found out what confidence means to them and just how you can live life as confidently you as possible.

Positive Vibes

Actress and boxer, Nicole Bessick is no stranger to rolling with the punches. Living fearlessly and fiercely, Nicole is all about positive vibes. “Body confidence has nothing to do with how we look. To me, body confidence is “the feeling” you get when you look at yourself in the mirror. Are these feelings positive or negative? One could have what may be considered the most beautiful body in the world and still speak negatively about it and vice versa,” she explains. She goes on to say that it’s important to effort to trade negative feelings for positive ones that conjure self-love, value and security.

Appreciating Our Bodies

“Body Confidence is looking after your body and appreciating how amazing our bodies are,” exclaims actress Amanda Du-Pont. She says that positive affirmations, for example telling yourself that you are beautiful, will help to build lasting self-confidence. Another tip, pour love into other women, “building other woman takes nothing away from you but only leaves you feeling more fulfilled and confident in yourself,” she says.

Owning Who You Are

Media personality Tumi Voster believes that being body confident means feeling comfortable in your own skin and owning who you are. “It means owning your flaws and realizing that it’s within them that you find true strength and beauty,” she says. She adds that you have to accept yourself regardless of whether others don’t. “It doesn’t matter what shape or size you come in, we are all different as women and we need to truly start owning our stories and empower ourselves to fall in love with who we are, while continuing to better ourselves in every way — mentally, physically and spiritually.”

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Loving The Skin You’re In

“Confidence is the ultimate weapon when it comes to women’s empowerment. There’s nothing more powerful than being comfortable in your own skin.” says model and fashion influencer Kendell Aberdeen. Being in the public eye can bring expectations of perfections but Kendell says she combats this by recognising her imperfections and embracing them, which allows for her to stay confident within herself.

It’s A Choice

Athlete, Nomvula Khuzwayo says that “confidence is the choice to be whoever you want to be”. She adds that fitness has helped to get those feel-good feelings about herself. “Knowing that I have set goals for myself and met them most of the time has made me feel sure that I can do anything that I put my mind to,” she says.

Be Your Biggest Fan

Actress, writer and theatre director, Michelle Mosalakae lives her life not caring to please everyone, she says this has made it easier for her to navigate herself through the world. “I make sure to stand strong in my faith, treat others with respect and kindness as I would like them to treat me and I just continue to remind myself of who I am — I have the power, they can only hurt me if I let them and I won’t,” she explains. Michelle goes on to explain that for her, body confidence is multifaceted. “Everything you put on and in your body will determine your level of confidence. Accepting what you look like and making positive changes if need be, confidence is that good feeling you get that surpasses anything aesthetic”.

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Self-love Knows No Limits

“Body confidence to me starts with self-love and self-appreciation and being comfortable in your own skin. Loving your body with no limits for the way it is presented with the support and connection of your mind and soul,” says founder of Rockingheels, choreographer, and fitness influencer Nkateko ‘Takkies’ Dinwiddy. Takkies’ advice for women that are battling with self-confidence is to start a healthy relationship with your body. “Be kind to it and let it know how much you appreciate it by saying thank for every little piece of it.  Let go of unrealistic standards and work with what you have, that’s a blessing enough. You are enough!

Loving Through All Seasons

Fitness and health blogger and lawyer, Tracey-Lee lusty is all about body positivity. “To me, being body positive or body confident means learning to love your body through every season and celebrating your “flaws” as an exercise of self-love and acceptance. It’s about recognising that all bodies are equal regardless of size or ability,” she explains. She adds that it’s also about accepting and celebrating your unique body shape as it changes through the years. “Body confidence is about embracing all that you are not all that you want and wish to be.”

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

Trainer and queen of fitness, Mapule Ndhlovu believes that body confidence is all about the ability to embrace all aspects of yourself. “The minute you stop comparing yourself to others, you’ll start to discover the true meaning of being body confident in your own right. The minute you find fault and start saying negative things about yourself, it’s a good sign that you really need to work on the things that you can change to become a better version of yourself,” she explains.

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