These Body Positivity Hashtags Will Have You Loving Yourself, Saggy Boobs And All

by | Apr 20, 2018 | Life

In a world of too-perfect Kardashians, runway models and ultra-filtered “no-make-up” selfies, Instagrammers have been at the forefront of a new movement: sharing photos of their “imperfections”. These body positivity messages are so great that we can’t help but be inspired.

So, whether you have a crooked nose, not so perky boobs or (shock! horror!) thighs that touch, these honest posts are here to remind you that you are still a magnificent being, worthy of love and respect. Yes, even from your worst critic… yourself. Here are six hashtags to follow on Instagram that will have you loving yourself a little more every day.


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Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? I mean they get to live in water, have amazing beach waves all the time and even Disney made a movie about them! This hashtag is a backlash against the scary and unhealthy “thigh gap” trend, which had women and girls starving themselves in an effort to shrink their thighs. It highlights that not all women have thigh gaps and it’s totally okay for your thighs to touch.


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Nose jobs are one of the most common elective surgeries (no surprise that boob jobs rank at #1). British journalist Radhika Sanghani sparked the #sideprofileselfie movement and it took off like wildfire. The movement draws attention to nose shapes that have long been viewed as something to be fixed. So whether your nose is pointy, bumpy or flat, don’t be afraid to get snapped from the side!


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Ah, boobs. Every woman at least one time in her life has wished for big and perky boobs. And with everything from the dolls we played with as kids to the movies we watched as teens showcasing breasts that somehow defy gravity, it’s no wonder. The reality is that, without a bra, many women’s breasts won’t stay high up on their chests.

Blogger Chidera Eggerue felt that, growing up, there was no representation for women who didn’t have perky breasts. So she started the#saggyboobsmatter movement to be just that. Now, women are sharing pictures of themselves without bras and inspiring others to go braless as well. We’re all for the body positive message, but if you’re exercising, be sure to wear a good sports bra to avoid injury!

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The internet clearly loves this hashtag and it’s easy to see why. Started by plus-size model, Tess Holliday, it shows the middle finger to society’s popular standards of beauty, most notably that it has to be a certain (read: super skinny) size. Tess was the world’s first size 26 model and worked hard to change the industry’s perception of what a model should like. Since the launch of her #effyourbeautystandrads campaign, millions of women of all shapes and sizes have shared pictures of themselves in bikinis and lingerie.


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Created by Plus Model Magazine in the US, this hashtag celebrates women with curves. By encouraging plus-size women to share pictures of themselves in swimwear, killer fashion and working out, they show that bigger bodies are worthy of being celebrated too.

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Inspired by Essie Golden, a plus size advocate and designer, the hashtag is all about feeling confident in anything you wear. Essie started by encouraging women of all sizes to feel confident in swimwear. Now the hashtag inspires women to celebrate themselves and feel confident in any outfit they wear.

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