Should You Really Try A Butt Mask?

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Butt mask anyone? Yup. Right now, in beauty social circles, women are choosing to forgo squats and lunges. Instead, they’re choosing to “mask” for a beautifully toned, firm derriere. Yes, there are butt-specific masks out there that claim to detox, tone, soften and plump.

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Anense Skincare is one of the beauty brands making booty care a thing. “Our collagen mask and booty scrub is made just for your booty to target stretch marks and unwanted blemishes. It detoxes, firms, plumps and softens. Kaolin and Bentonite clay work to cleanse, while pro-vitamin B5 and B3 nourish.” Their products are available for shipping worldwide. Even Palmer’s are kicking… ahem… butt with their new sheet masks.

So, Should You Buy Into It?

Skin is skin. So whether it’s on your face or body, certain ingredients do work to smoothe rough, dry, bumpy or wrinkly skin using ingredients like salicylic acid or collagen. Yup – that includes the skin on your hinny.

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We’ll put this trend in the add-to-my-self-care-regime box. I mean, why not? Try it. And boom – the best you.

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