“This Is How I Literally Walked Off 46 Kilos”

by | Mar 20, 2015 | Weight Loss

Cecile Cotty spent 23 years trying to shed the extra weight.

18 Months ago, Cecile tried something different: being healthy. And lost 46kg in under two years. Here’s her weight-loss story…

BEFORE: 115kg
AFTER: 69kg
Height: 1.71m
Time taken to lose weight: 18 months

Lesson learnt: No matter what happens in your life, you have the power to change.

The Gain

“After falling pregnant at the age of 24, I gained weight and was never able to lose it. I would lose a few kilos only to gain more than I’d lost,” explains Cecile. Fuelled by an unhealthy combination of multitasking and grabbing food on the go (staples included burgers, fried food, chocolate and lots of bread), Cecile’s weight skyrocketed to a high of 115kg. “I would literally eat all day, every day. And the worst was I didn’t exercise at all,” she says.


The Change

There was no specific trigger that got Cecile motivated. Her journey to health began – literally – with a single step. “One morning I woke up and decided to go for a walk,” she recalls. “It turned out to be the beginning of my journey to a healthier me.” Whether it was the endorphins or the post-walk glow that hooked her, Cecile just kept walking.


The Lifestyle

“I walked a minimum of 10km a max of four times a week. Then I started to build up my running, which I added to my walking routine,” says Cecile. To firm up her shrinking body, Cecile decided to add toning exercises. “I did floor exercises four times a week: mainly planks and crunches.” Instead of eliminating entire food groups, Cecile paid attention to portions and measured what she ate. “I started eating off a side plate. Most of my meals included chicken and a couple of portions of veggies that had been either roasted or steamed. My snacks were either apples or oranges because they have a lower sugar content than other fruit.”


The Reward

Cecile has gone from a size 50 to a 36. “People look at me with admiration and I respect myself more now,” says Cecile. “I feel wonderfully rejuvenated. I have the energy to do things now.”


Cecile’s Tips

Take small steps. “If you have a large amount to lose, break it up into fives or 10s.”

Press refresh daily. “Don’t feel bad if you fall off the wagon, just get back on the next day.”

Call on support. “Get a good friend or partner to encourage you.”

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