5 Signs Your Child Is Suffering From A Vitamin Deficiency

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Health

Our bodies do so much. And we’re not just talking about the functions we control, like your eyes allowing you to read this. Your heart is beating rhythmically and you’re breathing. And when everything is functioning smoothly, we hardly give our bodies a second thought.

But what happens when your body is lacking certain critical vitamins? And what happens when it’s a child’s body that’s affected by deficiency? How can you tell if they’re okay – or not? These are the signs you need to know about.

What are vitamins even?

Vitamins are essential micronutrients required for the millions of biochemical processes taking place in our bodies constantly. Unlike coffee, vitamins aren’t going to give you a sudden surge of energy. They simply make sure that everything takes place normally. Basically, if you have a perfect diet and are able to access all the vital nutrients that you need, you will feel healthy and normal.

But there’s a catch. Who actually has a perfect diet? And even if you are trying as hard as humanly possible to make sure your fam is eating a balanced diet – that’s just it, you’re only human… Vitamins can be leeched out when cooking and nutrients can be lost during freezing and storage. So what does a vitamin deficiency even look like? Here are the signs to look out for in your little human…

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Sign 1: “Mommy, I’m tired”

A common sign of a vitamin deficiency or poor nutrition is feeling tired. And not just because it’s been a long day at school – we’re talking constant tiredness; a general and persistent lack of energy. The cause could be a lack of iron in your child’s diet. It causes less oxygen to travel through the body, resulting in a really moeg babs. 

Sign 2: Dry skin and hair

Brittle, dry hair can be a sign that something is up. Similarly, skin sensitivity can be linked to a vitamin deficiency. If you notice a change in your kid’s skin and hair that’s lingering, it could be a lack of vitamin C.

Sign 3: Owie mouth

Your child’s mouth is actually one of the first places poor nutrition will show up. This can be a sore tongue – it might even feel like it’s burning, and become swollen. The problem could also manifest outside and around the mouth: cracked, inflamed areas that have nothing to do with changing seasons or sunburn. This can indicate a deficiency in a number of vitamins, so it’s a major red flag.

Sign 4: A sulky sausage

Kids should never be depressed. There are way too many fun things going on in their lives and so little to worry about. So, if your little one is constantly grumpy for no real reason, it might come down to diet. This can be accompanied by a lack of concentration, memory loss and listless behaviour.

Sign 5: Sick days

It goes without saying that your immune system won’t be functioning at full capacity if it doesn’t get all the fuel it needs from your diet. So if your child is getting sick multiple times in a short timeframe (and not just from the plague doing the rounds at school), this could also be a sign that some vits are missing from his or her diet.

So, what do you do?

According to stats, only 46% of South Africas take vitamins. But docs recommend that you begin supplementing your child’s diet with vitamins from six months of age. And it’s especially important if it’s a bit of a bad food time… Read: Easter holidays and all those sugary eggs.

If you’re looking to boost your child’s diet, MaxiVit Chewies are a good option. They’re a sugar- and aspartame-free multivitamin supplements developed especially for kids. That means that they actually taste amazing! The flavour of choice: sour apple. MaxiVit Chewies are sweetened with Xylitol and sucralose, meaning they’re tooth-friendly too.

Suitable for kids two years and up, they cover all your baby’s vitamin needs. So what’s actually in them? Biotin, folic acid, selenium and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3,  B5, B6, B12, C and D3. Basically everything your child needs to be happy and healthy.

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