11 Surprisingly Easy Steps To Chrissy-And-John Level Closeness

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Sex & Love

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Want more intimacy in your relationship? Start by incorporating these expert tips into your love life…

Everyday Habits That Boost Your Bond

1. Hold each other. No, really. Even a five-minute snug sesh on the couch or in bed at night releases the love hormone, oxytocin.

2. Make out, man! The hello-goodbye peck? Lame-o. French kissing — even just for a few seconds — triggers the release of oxytocin (again!) and hormone-regulating proteins in both your bods.

3. Schedule sex. The sweet spot for bonding benefits is once a week. But this can vary, depending on your needs. #MoreIsMore

4. Double-date with a happy couple. It’s about mirror neurones — that’s science jargon for witnessing and internalising the other couple’s romantic energy.

5. Have a signature ritual. Experts say that regularly making time for activities exclusive to the two of you (say, a Sunday morning run) ratchets up feel-good vibes and signals that you’re both invested in making your partnership work.

Shortcuts To Great Communication

6. Watch movies. Discuss. Research shows that chatting about fictional film relationships is as effective as couples counselling (!!) — not to mention way more fun. And way less pricey. Pour vino, hit play.

7. Say thank you. He stopped by the chemist for you or let you swap your food with his (dinner envy is real! #FOMO). Be grateful for those not-so-random acts of kindness. Not only does appreciation — a word or a kiss — more than double your chances of future favours, but research shows it pays off long-term when bigger problems arise.

8. Reach out and text. Touch base with a simple message or two a day. Think short, sweet and a statement rather than a question (so there’s no pressure to respond). When you do need actual info, add warmth to the ask, not just “Did you pick up the laundry?” Tack on a kiss or heart emoji at the end. Small tweak, big difference.

One-Word Things You Should Do As A Duo

9. Meditate. Your heartbeats and breath will be in sync, making you feel more connected. And meditation is shown to put you in an empathetic, generous state of mind — perfect for sharing a chill evening together. As for its effect on sex, well, just consider where the Kama Sutra came from.

10. Cook. It’s cosy and romantic and you can eat healthily more easily than you can in a restaurant. As for choice of cuisine, studies show that spicy foods increase blood flow, which can boost arousal — Mexican tonight, anyone?

11. Holiday. And make it a beach getaway while you’re at it. Taking time off is essential to your mental health and studies show that being near a body of water has a stress-reducing effect. Plus: couples who trek together tend to have more sex together.

Bonus sex tip! Use lube. Studies show that half of all men and women say lube makes it easier for them to orgasm. Go biodegradable (and vegan) with BioGlide, R240, PassionFruit.co.za — now that’s a way to get your sausage on #GreenMonday!

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