“I Gave Myself An Ultimatum And It Helped Me Commit To Losing Weight”

by | May 17, 2016 | Weight Loss

Colleen Moore fed herself to weight loss and wellness. Yup, the low-down on how this woman ate herself thin!

Weight loss is about more than being trim and toned. Slogging around extra kilos could mean the difference between sickness and health. And that’s exactly how it was for Colleen Moore, who fed herself to weight loss and wellness.

BEFORE: 96kg
AFTER: 69kg
Height: 1.7m
Time taken to lose weight: 8 months
Secret weapon: There is no secret weapon


For Colleen, it was when menopause hit, that the weight really packed on. “My body changed. I had swollen ankles and getting out of bed was a mission. The extra weight was overwhelming and I couldn’t control it,” she says. Added to that, her eating wasn’t good: “I’d skip meals, binge on a slab of chocolate or a large packet of crisps. I had no idea that those snacks were my kilojoule allowance for the day.”


It was during a massive period of change that she decided to address her weight. “I’d been divorced for five years, both my kids were grown up and I’d put my house on sale,” explains Colleen. “I made myself a deal. This was the last time I was going to try to lose weight.”


Colleen wanted to deal with her menopause without medication. She cut out bread, margarine, rice, potatoes, chocolates – all her fave comfort foods. Instead, she ate salads, cracker bread and jungle oats. She also supplemented her diet with multivitamins, which she now swears by. And, while Colleen’s never been big on exercise, she admits that packing all those boxes and moving out of her house definitely helped her crush some kilojoules. After the first month, people started to notice.



“As the weight dropped, my self-confidence grew. Now, I don’t feel as if everyone is staring at me. I feel like a new woman. A healthy life – that’s my reward.” At 52, she’s managed to ditch four dress sizes and the horrible symptoms that come with menopause. “I love being able to pull on a pair of jeans and walk out of the house without hiding behind big jackets,” she says.


Allow yourself to indulge. “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Eat in moderation.”

Don’t wait till Monday. “If you’re serious, you’ll start now!”

Every body is different. “Don’t compare your body with others. Learn to love your own.”

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