Dance Yourself Fit With This Aerobics Kickboxing Workout

by | May 16, 2019 | Fitness

Women’s Health, hydrated by Powerade with adidas, is looking for SA’s next celebrity trainer — a woman with a powerful fitspo story and the ability to inspire others to get off the couch and embrace an active, healthy lifestyle. The judges have narrowed the search to twelve inspirational women. Now it’s up to you to select the five finalists who will go into the running for the title of 2019 Women’s Health Next Fitness Star

The top 12 introduce themselves and their favourite workouts. If you like what you see, be sure to vote for your favourite.

Meet Xoliswa Nkosi

A group exercise manager, certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor, Xoliswa is focused on helping people achieve the body of their dreams, all while having fun. ” Fitness is my passion, I believe in building strong and healthy bodies, and setting good examples for everyone. I love group training and enjoy the camaraderie of the group. I use my passion to motivate people to push themselves to achieve a healthy lifestyle by making fitness fun and enjoyable. I believe that together we can make our lives better, one healthy choice at a time,” she explains.

Step and Kick!

Ready to burn fat, tone up and have fun? Xoliswa explains her simple yet effective aerobic kickboxing workout. “It’s a simple choreographed routine that combines the elements of kickboxing and aerobics, focusing strongly on balancing the upper/lower body when using kicks and punches. The music makes the workout fun and challenging at the same time. This workout improves cardiovascular fitness, strength, core stability, coordination and prepares the body to execute everyday activities easily and safely achieves overall well-being,” she says.

You can follow along to the video or use it as inspiration for your own dance workout.

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