5 Essential Beauty Supplies You Should Always Have In Your Desk Drawer

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Style & Beauty

If you work full-time, chances are you spend a large part of your life at the office. Let’s just call it your second home. And while we’re not saying you need to stock up your dest drawer as you would your bathroom cupboard, you do need a few beauty basics to get you through those minor emergencies – chipped nail anyone? Keep these products handy. You won’t be sorry.

Nail File

Avoid traipsing around the whole office asking, “Does anyone have a nail file?” It’s an irritating mini-crisis that crops up time and time again, so keep this baby in your drawer for the next oh-no moment. Because you know it’s coming, right? Try: Basics Nail File, R18 at Dis-Chem

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Pocket Mirror

You feel like there’s something sticking out your nose… but asking your colleague to check is a bit awks. Keep a mirror close-by so you can DIY. Try: Basics Mirror 5X Travel Magnify View, R25 at Dis-Chem

Hand Cream

Ashy hands are just a no-no. That’s not even up for discussion! Never mind ashy elbows, knees and feet… This all-rounder product is an absolute must-have. Try: Neutrogena Fast Absorb Hand Cream, R100 at Dis-Chem

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From having a quickie breakfast while you answer emails (crumbs!?) to coffee spills, your work space can get really dirty really fast. Control the madness with wet wipes – for your hands and your desk. Try: Dove Hygiene Wipes, R35 at Dis-Chem

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Red Lipstick

Hot red lips are a lifesaver. That client meeting you forgot about? A liberal layer of red lipstick – and you’re instantly superhuman once more. Try: Clarins Joli Rouge in 742, R275 at Dis-Chem

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