Do You Need To Exfoliate Your Vagina? The Answer Is No

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Health

I swear having a vagina has become unnecessarily complicated. Between porn, cosmetic companies and those wanting to make a quick buck, the vagina has become a place of insecurity (as if we needed more of those) for many women. And as a sister in mons, I’m here to remind you that your vagina is great the way it is, thus it does not require a facial, a detox or to be exfoliated — yes, exfoliated.

The Not So Perfect V

Now, I know when people say vagina, they really mean labia or vulva. That’s where the Perfect V comes in, a cosmetic line formulated to give you well, the perfect vagina. The seven-item line includes a wash, serum, exfoliator, cream, mist, beauty sheets and highlighter — you know to make sure the light hits your contours just right. And while this company may want you to believe that this will give you a perfect V — it will, in fact, make your V the perfect breeding ground for infections.

We’re talking yeast and bacterial vaginosis. If you’re someone who shaves or waxes, wanting to exfoliate your vulva may seem like a good way to prevent ingrown hairs- but practice caution. Try to use a product that is mild and ensure that you don’t get any inside your vagina.

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Rubbing You The Wrong Way

Now on to internal exfoliation — there’s this stick that’s designed to “remove the dead skin cells of the superficial layer of the skin, thereby regenerate and balance the natural microbial flora in the vagina.” Oh, and besides removing odours and “dead skin cells” the product also claims to help you feel “like a virgin again” while “returning you to former tightness”.

Like honestly, who wrote this patriarchal BS? Your vagina does not need “dead skins cells” to be removed nor does it need to be returned to former tightness — whatever the hell that means. The vagina is a muscle, one that is capable of adjusting to accommodate your partner or giving birth. And while the vagina of someone who has never had sex before will be different from someone who has given vaginal birth- there is no need to return to your “former tightness.”

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As for removing “the superficial layer of skin” that a big no! Vaginal skin is thin and can tear pretty easily — especially if you struggle with dryness. Sticking something like this up your vagina is likely to cause cuts which can become infected. So, what is a girl to do?

Nothing. That’s right unless you have unusual discharge, a strong odour or pain and itching down there, just leave her be. Simply washing with water is enough. And if you’re wondering if you should remove your pubic hair, that’s totally up to you.

What you do to your vagina is your choice, just be sure that it doesn’t put your vaginal health at risk and don’t give in to the pressure of having a so-called perfect v.

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