8 Crazy Fun Workouts To Try If You’re Someone Who Hates Exercise

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Fitness

Here’s the thing about working out…if you’re someone who hates exercise, it’s going to be a slog. You drag yourself there, curse your way through the session and don’t go back again for weeks. That’s no way to chase the gains. The key to getting results is consistency. And the key to consistency is finding something you actually enjoy. We’ve rounded up some workouts that are so great, even gym haters can’t help but love ’em.

1/Adventure Boot Camp

Why: Because you only have to sign up for a month.

In the science of goal setting (yes, really, that’s a thing) time is one of the most important factors in setting goals you’ll actually stick to. If you don’t give yourself an ultimatum, you’re opening the door for flaking out. When you only have to get through a month, it’s so much easier to convince yourself to go because the end is in sight. An indefinite fitness habit, on the other hand, can feel helluva daunting. Other perks of Adventure Boot Camp: You get to train outside and you’re always doing something different every class. Plus, gees: those fellow boot campers will become your mates. Nothing cements a new friendship like endorphins.

There’s some new in every class…

2/ S.W.E.A.T. 1000

Why: Because you’ll see results fast!

In the world of exercise, different types of workouts are good for different things. Case in point: If you want to build muscles, lift heavy things. And if you want to burn fat and look lean and sculpted, some of the best ways to achieve it are sprinting, functional training and high-intensity intervals. And guess what? Sweat1000.com  incorporates all of them. Nothing makes you enjoy exercise quite like seeing the effects of your hard work. Once you you can see a hint of an ab line, you’ll want to work harder to make it more defined, promise! Plus, the classes are a huge jol: There are disco lights, awesome tunes and some days even a live DJ! Tempted? No need to sign your life away – you can sign up for a once-off drop-in class.

Lights, TRX cables, action! What’s not to love, right?

3/ Boxing

Why: Because feeling badass is totally addictive.

Step aside, Rocky Balboa!


No matter how peace-loving and non-aggressive you are, there will be those days when you feel so angry/frustrated/stressed that you just want to hit something. Well now you can. And the more you channel those emotions into pummeling your punching bag, the more euphoric and badass you’ll feel. There’s a confidence that comes from knowing you can throw a punch that’s like no other boost you’ve ever felt. And once you’ve experienced that, you’ll want to feel it again. And again. If you’re not ready to commit to an actual boxing gym just yet, try a Rumble class at Virgin Active.

4/ Rockingnheels

Why: Because you can do it in heels, you’re learning dance moves you can totally whip out at the klurb and the fitness part is just a bonus.

Just some of the moves you’ll learn…


Who doesn’t love to dance? Even if you’re not good at it, there’s still nothing more fun. Rockingnheels is not at all like the strict ballet teacher nightmares that haunted your childhood. No buns, no pliés, no evil pointe shoes. Instead, you’ll learn useful moves…like how to strut and booty-pop like Beyoncé. Even if you have no rhythm, you’ll have so much fun, you won’t realise what a workout you’re getting.

5/ The Grid

Why: Because it’s only 30 minutes long.

Remember that Virgin Active membership you signed up for in January and only used twice? Well, good news: If you can remember where you put your gym card, you can swipe it, do your workout, have a shower and still get back to the office within your lunch hour. And you’ll still get the gains. High-intensity training gives you the same benefits as a moderate intensity workout, but in half the time. No more hour-long gym sesh. Bonus: Every Grid session will be different and you don’t need to think about what to at gym – just rock up, do the class and leave.

6/ Parkrun

Why: Because it’s free! And, what’s more, you can walk it, go for brekkie and still get 300 Vitality Active Rewards points.

Walking to your 300 points like…

Way to cheat the system, right? Actually, walking is one of the best forms of exercise you can do. It’s low impact, which means low injury risk, it works your muscles and it gets your heart rate up. You’ll love the parkrun vibe – all shapes, sizes and fitness levels, groups of friends, families and even the odd dog on a leash living their best lives. Plus, your body adapts to any kind of exercise. So you’ll get fitter, whether you’re trying to or not. The result: You’ll start walking faster. Eventually, that fast walk might turn into, “Should we try jog for a bit?” and next thing, you’re running your first five-kay.

7/ Pilates

Why: Because you won’t sweat much – if at all.

But I was having a great hair day!


We feel you – the mere thought of ruining a perfect blow-dry with a sweaty workout is enough reason not to exercise, right? And that clammy, red-in-the-face post-workout “glow” isn’t for everyone. Pilates is deliberately slow-paced because the secret behind its magic is time under tension. Your muscles will love it. Expect to target all your niggly areas while you limber up like never before. But because your heart isn’t beating a mile a minute, you won’t be a sweaty mess after class. You probably won’t even need to shower. You can try a class at the gym, but Pilates classes are meant to be small and focused, so for the best experience, find a studio in your area.

8/ Bodytec

Why: Because it only takes 20 minutes….a week!

 Check out what goes on in a class…


What sorcery is this? The scientific kind. Bodytec uses EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to target and tone your muscles. It’s not a pair of jumper cables attached to your abs while you watch TV – you do actually have to do basic exercise like squats and biceps curls. But instead of using weights to add resistance, the machine tenses your muscle for you – then you have to work against it. It’s quite a surreal experience the first time. Your personal trainer will take you through a series of exercises, back to back, with only enough time between them to reset for the next move. And then it’s done. Before you’ve even realised. The muscle activations are deeper than with regular exercise, so they recommend you only do one 20-minute session a week (well, if you insist…). Bodytec typically comes into its own as cross-training or rehab. But if you’re coming off a base of no exercise, you’ll probably feel your muscles getting stronger and if your body fat is already low, you may even notice new muscle definition. THe catch? It is pricey. But, the convenience!

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