Word On The Street Is That Fascia Tools Can Remove Cellulite

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Fascia can make you look… flatter? Say what? Yup. Word on the street is that fascia tools can remove cellulite. Well… Not quite.

A quick at-home solution?

Since 90 percent of women struggle with the dimpled skin, we’re all ears when it comes to a quick solve – especially an at-home one. Which could explain why, as fascia blew up in the fitness and therapy worlds, soft-tissue connoisseurs – many of them women – started to wonder if soothing tight spots could mean smoothing bumpy ones.

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The truth

Much of our cellulite is within the superficial fascia, which is full of fat cells. When they start to protrude through the fibrous bands above them, pesky lumps appear. Releasing fascia won’t break those bands. To reduce cellulite, you have to drop body fat (so you’ll have fewer fat cells crowded into the fascia).

JustSports foam roller, 90cm, available at Zando.

Foam rolling could help shift fluid around the body, which, if anything, may make you feel less pillowy afterwards.

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The good news?

The lifestyle choices you can make to care for your fascia (eating clean, staying hydrated, moving daily) are the same ones that can help you shed fat. And now you know exactly how.

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