Meet The Nutritionist & Personal Trainer Helping Women Crush Their Goals

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Fitness

With fourteen years’ experience as a sports nutritionist and personal trainer, Candice De Mendonca thrives on helping others achieve their fitness goals. Here’s everything you need to know about how she crushes it every day!

She Walked The Walk And Talked The Talk

“I’ve run cross country for South Africa and represented Gauteng in swimming, athletics, hockey, soccer and indoor soccer. I love sports and it’s the reason I studied sports development at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), along with personal training. Thereafter I decided to also complete my Diploma in Food Science, which has made a world of difference to my expertise,” says Candice.

She Fuelled Her Body Correctly  

Fuelling your body doesn’t have to be all broccoli and chicken and no fun! According to De Mendonca low fat chocolate milk is a scientifically proven sports nutritional aid. YAY!

She explains: “When I discovered First Choice’s High Protein Recovery, I felt like a child on Christmas morning. HPR is literally the best post workout recovery aid out there. It offers no digestive issues, is easily absorbed and well used by the body. It has more protein and less calories and sugar than most other products on the market. I recommend it to anyone who is active, from children to adults.” 

“HPR is scientifically formulated to give elite and amateur athletes rapid muscle recovery following intense workouts or competition.” 

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She Found What Worked For Her Body

It really is true that every body is different so you’ve got to find what works for you. For Candice, her body struggled with protein shakes.

“HPR changed all that. I can drink it every day and sometimes more than once a day, and reap all the benefits with no side effects. I see, feel and taste the hard work and research that have gone into it and most definitely won’t support a product I haven’t tested myself. HPR and the team behind it is one you can trust holistically. Woodlands Dairy and First Choice’s ethics and focus on sustainability, as well as the research and development that have gone into HPR, have paid off.” 

She Shares Her Knowledge

It’s true what they say, knowledge really is power and that’s why she shares it so that women are equipped with the knowledge to live their best lives. As sports nutritionist for HPR, De Mendonca writes a monthly blog to educate consumers, assist with any questions they have on nutrition and training, as well as interview athletes.

She Has A Trick For Setting Life And Fitness Goals

Dedicated to helping others achieve their goals, she also sets goals for herself every year. “I usually fixate on one word for the year. Last year it was success and I managed to achieve all my goals except one. Big and small. This year my word is focus and I have written down my goals for the year. My main goals include buying a property of my own, fulfilling my role as HPR sports nutritionist, and growing my online restaurant and training brand.”  

First Choice HPR Milk

Want some help crushing your fitness goals? High Protein Recovery is available at Pick ‘n Pay, Dischem as well as online here.

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