Whoa — This Is What Healthcare Is Going To Look Like In 2040!

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Health

With the use of advanced technology, we’re stepping into a time where robots will be assisting doctors and cancer will be fully cured. Tech has proved how innovative it is on numerous occasions, and its rapid change continues as more medical discoveries are used to improve healthcare.

A new report commissioned by international healthcare specialists Allianz Care, looks at how medical science and healthcare delivery will be transformed globally in the next 20 years. And it makes for eye-popping reading.

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Are you ready for this?

Internationally renowned futurologist, Ray Hammond, said: “Healthcare is one of the few areas in which every one of us has a stake. The next 20 years will witness a profound change in healthcare, all the more notable given that medical science and healthcare delivery tend to be conservative, slow-moving sectors that are highly resistant to change.”

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Mind. Blown. ?

We’ve distilled some of the more mind-blowing facts:

  • We’re all aware of how ‘bots’ could one day take over as a resource and the report forecasts that in 2040 surgeons will use robots to perform medical procedures and operations.
  • Future parents will be able to design their babies’ DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) before the young ones are born.
  • The report also shows those hereditary diseases that have been passed down from generation to generation will have been eradicated by the year 2040. Can we get a whoop whoop?
  • Injured or in need of a blood transfusion? Your body will generate new blood inside your body. There will no longer be a need for blood donors.
  • Medical treatments will be tailored to suit your individual health. This will become the norm. How incredible?
  • Your medication will be personalised based on your DNA analysis and electronic health data.
  • Gene therapy (a technique used to treat and prevent diseases) will be introduced to improve human health and DNA.
  • Your organs and tissues will be able to regrow and repair themselves using stem-cell medicine.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and digital tools – you read correctly – will be useful to monitor and diagnose your health.

Loving it and want more? The full report is available here. Plus, check out these predictions for future healthcare trends.

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