Get Into Action Star Shape With Lesley-Ann Brandt’s MMA Workout

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Fitness

SA-born actor Lesley-Ann Brandt kicks ass as Maze in Lucifer. She invited WH to check out the high-energy MMA workout that got her fighting fit.

It’s our birthday month! So we’re throwing back to some of the awesome workouts we’ve done over the years. Every week in November, we’ll be bringing you a piece of sage advice from the last eight years of WH. This week: That time we got an MMA lesson from Lucifer star Lesley-Ann Brandt.

SA Girls Represent

Lesley-Ann grew up in Cape Town and moved to New Zealand after school when her dad was offered a job there. Her break came when she landed a role in the cult gladiator series Spartacus.


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Not Afraid of Action

Having kicked off her career in a series where fight scenes are the order of the day, Lesley-Ann cemented her place as an action star from the beginning. At the time that we interviewed her, she had just wrapped filming on the movie Painkillers, about a group of mercenaries who uncover a shocking secret after returning from a mission in Afghanistan. The movie high-action fliek involves lots of weapons work and fight scenes aplenty. Lesley-Ann did all her own stunts. More recently, fans will know Lelsley-Ann from the series Lucifer, now in its third season. As the demon Maze, Lucifer’s feisty sidekick who takes up a career as a bounty hunter, Lesley-Ann once again does plenty of ass-kicking.

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Watch the moves that kept Lesley-Ann in fighting shape – and sizzling hot – while filming Painkillers:


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Fit Mama

In July this year Lesley-Ann became a mom for the first time when she and husband Chris Payne Gilbert welcomed their son into the world. Lesley-Ann stayed active throughout her pregnancy, but toned down her hectic fitness regime drastically, focusing mostly on stretching, yoga and Pilates. She documented her pregnancy on Instagram in hilarious and beautifully honest detail. In one post you can see Lesley-Ann jiggling her growing boobs post workout. In another she tells a story of having to sneak into the bushes to pee, not once, but three times and writes it off to the pregnancy struggle. And in yet another, she talks openly about mom guilt. Once her son was born, Lesley-Ann was back in kick-ass shape in no time. But again, her documenting of the rapid transformation was totally real. She took to Insta to remind other moms that her journey as a TV star is different to that of other new moms.

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