Get Outside Stay Outside This Summer With The New Under Armour SUMMERIZED Collection

by | Jan 12, 2023 | WH Promotion & Events

South Africa’s fitness scene is buzzing with activity and regardless of whether you run to train, do yoga, or train at the gym, you want your gear to be comfortable to not only elevate your training but help you reach those fitness goals this summer. Under Armour has you covered with their new SUMMERIZED collection. The scorching hot days need to be taken into account and the new Under Armour range does just that with these summer fitness essential items from the Under Armour SUMMERIZED collection.

UA Infinity Mid High Neck Shine Sports Bra R999

Those in search of the best sports bra to workout or run in this summer will be happy to discover the Infinity Neck Shone Sports Bra.

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Under Armour has created a winner by throwing out traditional construction rules and injecting padding in a figure-8 pattern for a more aerodynamic fit and a much lighter feel that actually works with your body’s natural movement instead of against it. Testing in a variety of different sports; so we could put the sports bra through its paces with actions that would necessitate support structures across variable axis of movements; left testers with the confidence and comfort to give this item the thumbs up for the summer season.

Soft straps rounding the shoulders and over the back feel firm but not uncomfortable against the skin, even when adjusted to a tight fit. This is such an important aspect of choosing a bra. You can get those that rigorously hold everything in place, but it’s often at the expense of comfort. That is not the case here where the design attaches the straps to a wide band so that the forces needed for a firm secure fit are distributed over a greater surface area. The result is the fit lacks that restrictive squeezing effect and leaves you with a piece of workout gear that feels like a natural part of the whole outfit. 

UA Mesh Tank R449

Have you tried Padel yet? A great new sport in SA that is growing phenomenally quickly and the perfect way to get your heart rate up with friends. For a sport like Padel, a versatile top to move comfortably in is essential this summer. While bashing it about in inter-staff sessions on the court, we found the lightweight, smooth HeatGear fabric of this mesh is ultra-comfortable.

A big part of the high-quality fabric is that the 4-way stretch material moves in every direction – as it does with this tank, while the strategic mesh panels provide breathability where you need it. Social summers mean things to do and places to go after your workout, and when you’re done moving you can rest assured this top dries quickly…testers were surprised at how fresh you can feel after working out and happily went on with the day wearing the same good looking gear.  

UA Ankle Leg R999

Attention to detail makes such a difference to your comfort and translates to great performance. Under Armour has identified waistbands slipping are the #1 pain point in tights. That results in constant adjusting, tweaking and tugging at your tights. It’s not a good look. That’s why Under Armour designed these tights to lock in while you’re in motion. The specific panelling will hold the fit no matter how explosive your next move. The multi-panelled design and thick waistband at the top help lock everything in place for a distraction-free workout: No pulling, tugging or readjusting. Ever.

Our testers are committed to living a life packed with activities and often need to stay in touch with the world while working out. That’s why another detail we appreciated is the large pocket on the side of the thigh to accommodate the smartphone. This way you can measure the metrics of your workout, be in touch with your messages, listen to music or share your experience with a pic or two by having your smartphone close by.

The new SUMMERIZED collection will be available from January 2023 at Under Armour Brand House stores nationwide as well as online:

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